Milk frother recommendations?

I was staying with a friend this week who served me a lovely cappuccino each morning, topped with incredibly thick and delicious foam (best host ever!). I asked him how he pulled it off and he showed me his Nespresso milk frother, which heats and turns milk into foam at the touch of a button in no time flat. So, now I need a new kitchen gadget! The Nespresso is nice, but I have been researching other models as well. Any recommendations?

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The nespresso aeroccino milk frother is crazy amazing, perhaps the same as your friend’s. If you order online from bed bath and beyond and just google the bed bath 20% off coupon they always have available that will save you some money.
The nespresso one can actually froth unsweetened almond milk- which is virtually unheard of. My parents have one that i use when i’m home, it’s about 2yrs old and used at least twice a day. A year ago there was an issue with the heating element and nespresso sent a brand new replacement after a conversation on the phone- they didn’t even want the broken one sent back (!)

Wow, great customer service! My friend does have an Aeroccino and I agree it did a fantastic job on milk! However, it lacks a couple of features I have seen on other brands that might be worth having, such as a pour spout, temperature control, two different frothing disks for different textures and larger capacity (the Aeroccino only foams 1/2 cup at a time). Some of the larger capacity foamers are the size of a blender, though, which I don’t want. Decisions decisions!

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Are you specifically after a milk frother, not a steamer? I’ve been looking for a standalone milk steamer for a long time. Haven’t found one yet.

Yes, I think I’d rather have a frother - I prefer the silky foam they create over the drier style you get from a steamer.

I have a Nespresso Aeroccino and I am still crazy about it 3+ years into having it. It won’t make micro-foam that you can do latte art with, and while I do think that is cool, it’s not something I have to have or I’ll die this minute. It does give me fabulous foam that lasts to the bottom of the cup and that is what I love. (I also love my Nespresso Citiz for the fabulous coffee it makes!)

Q. How do you know you are spending too much time on Hungry Onion!

A. When you are shopping in Walmart for an espresso machine and you see a milk frother and think to yourself; “Hey someone was asking about these on Hungry Onion!”

Can’t say I’m recommending it, but for $20 you can’t go too wrong. (I assume)


Well, my first try was a bust. I ordered a Souvia milk frother from Amazon and while it does froth milk, it takes a bit longer than the Aeroccino and doesn’t create as creamy and dense a froth. I’m returning it and buying an Aeroccino!

Ugh that’s disappointing!
If you order it from bed bath and beyond it might be cheaper, just google their 20% off coupon code.

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