Microwave drawer- opinions?

Does anyone use microwave drawer on a regular basis? What do you like and not like about microwave in a drawer format, versus counter or built in?

I did some research and here are some of the pros and cons I found from other people:


  • save countertop space
  • don’t have to lift food high to heat them
  • sleek


  • some push button doors take forever to open
  • and if there is a handle when you pull the door open or things can spill.
  • expensive
  • not tall
  • no turntable

Other thoughts?

No personal experience. My reaction on first seeing one was that I’d be down on my knees to use the control panel. I prefer the microwave close to eye level.

I’d not heard of such an appliance until this thread. They don’t seem to be commonly available in the UK - at least not from the usual main appliance shops.

I don’t use a microwave at all often. We bought a cheap, very basic, one about 20 years back. It sits happily in the utility room, still going strong with the occasional defrosting job, heating an occasional hot chocolate or an American style breakfast pancake.

If ever it breaks, we’d replace it with another cheap one.


I’m dumb to this. :thinking:


I’ve only used them at friends’ houses.

Wasn’t a fan, but as with other appliances I wonder if it’s just about getting used to it.

I did find the controls a bit odd, and bending to look at them was annoying.

Also I think they use it for minimal reheating, not sure how they’d feel if they used it more.


Were you not a fan because of the odd controls, or were there other elements that you didn’t find appealing as well?