Microplastics Are Everywhere. Here’s How to Avoid Eating Them.

So depressing. I am going to intentionally forget about this so I can continue on with my usual perky, upbeat attitude. Seriously, I already do most of those things - refill a metal water bottle, store and heat in glass, etc. But who knows, the lovely red leaf lettuce I just bought at the farmers market might be a death trap.


Growing up I’m sure the tap water, Teflon, plastic bags and canned tuna have already set the clock. Luckily, doctors tell me I’m fine :wink:


I’m old. The damage is done, although I too do most of the things suggested in the article. Oh well, in my next life (if im lucky I’ll come back as a pampered cat). Glass storage containers for the fridge scare me, because my kitchen has stone floors. So I’ll have to overcome cowardice.

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Isn’t it? I have a serious water habit, as in I rarely if ever leave the house without a bottle, and often those are plastic :frowning:

I sorely regret leaving our recycled aluminum bottle in CPH, but overall I think it’s a lost cause. We have started storing warm leftovers in glass containers, similar to the ones recommended in the article.

But almost everything we buy is wrapped or packaged in plastic(s), save for the farmers markets.

Doomed, we are.

This probably sounds like a silly question, but why not just drink more water when you wake, then at breakfast, lunch and dinner? Why take it with you? I see people with water lately and have never understood why.
I understand why drinking fountains are less popular though i have to admit that library water as a kid was the best water of all!
It was also the only filtered water in my hometown (1970’s) which is probably why. LOL!
I am moving to Pyrex instead of plastic Tupperware too. But it is a pain heating frozen stews and soups because i have to transfer them to a room temperature Pyrex. They are supposed to tolerate sudden temperature changes but i have my doubts.

I do. I drink water when I am at home, and I will still get thirsty soon after I leave the house :woman_shrugging:t3:

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So that I don’t get thirsty.


And because the weather is currently in the high 90s (mid 30s) and the humidity is at 90% and you really need to be drinking water all day long


Those posts are interesting to me. I never think about water, it just is. I try to drink more when I wake and when I eat but for me it is a learned behavior. I am trying to be healthy, it isn’t that I feel particularly thirsty.
I look at my last two posts and I sound like a self-centered idiot, probably because I am. LOL!
But this is a people thing that kind of fascinates me.
I grew up in a town with high iron water that tasted kind of meh. I wonder if that has shaped how I look at water. Because I live in an area where the well water is a lot better now but maybe my habits are set already.

I’m wondering how many microplastics are in the ultra processed vegetarian ingredients that are made to be a meat substitute, and are marketed as healthier options , in terms of more fibre or maybe less saturated fat. Often high in sodium.

I recently had a new dietician try to talk me into making some sort of wrap with a processed low carb cauliflower wrap of some sort. I don’t buy any wraps apart from occasional pita bread that comes with my meal and corn tortillas. I’m also not a wrap as a meal kind of person, apart from occasional burritos, shawarma, souvlaki, or falafel in a pita.

The idea of buying ultra processed “health food” is off putting to me. The dietician kept suggesting various healthy processed snack things, like protein bars and things like Luna Bars or Kind Bars. I have worked hard to stop buying processed packaged treats and I haven’t been completely successful, but I’m not going to start a packaged protein bar or smoothie from processed powders habit at this point.


I literally had my biology teacher in HS ask if I’d had my kidneys checked, bc I would get up during class to drink from the sink in the front of the room.

Nothing wrong with my kidneys, but one of the meds I take is notorious for dry mouth :wink:


Interesting, and a sidetrack. !75 I was just talking to my (vegetarian) nephew about the processed part of this. Mostly about how old cultures are predominantly vegetarian anyway, but with natural sources and balances of “macros”. Look at traditional chinese, indian, middle eastern food cultures that are thousands of years old — meat / fish was a condiment, not the bulk of the plate.

But I think over-processed foods are a different problem than micro plastics (and forever chemicals).

So many self-created problems.

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Lady plumbing and kidneys need hydration. I drink tons of water because of that, but also it keeps the headaches at bay. We have a whole house water filtration system and in addition, a Brita pitcher for drinking water in the kitchen. Our municipal water is sourced from a creek in the mountains here. Radon, arsenic and other naturally occuring elements in there. By the time it gets in my mouth, it is supposed to be potable. We’ve tossed most of our plastic ware for leftovers storage. They probably have gone in the ocean. :roll_eyes:

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I’m wondering if this new dietician gets paid to make these recommendations, or gets a commission…


Couldn’t agree more. The idea that this ultra-processed food is better for you is laughable.

I’m old enough to remember what being a vegetarian was like in the 80s in small-town America. I ate real $&$& food and that’s it.


When it’s as hot as it is in Florida right now, feeling thirsty means youre already dehydrated and it will be a challenge to catch up.

Construction sites are halting work in the heat of the day and officially calling water breaks through the day.

Working outside right now is actually dangerous.

Yeah microplastics everywhere…even in human breast milk and testicles….so everywhere. One has to wonder, is humanity this stupid? Well yes, or our corporate overlords who said there’s nothing to worry about…for a long time.

For water, boiling water (like grandma) gets rideof micro-plastics. Also Brita filters should get most micro-plastics. I’m thinking might be time to do both. Boil and filter, or vice versa.

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We just updated our shower head filter with a more robust filter. Can’t hurt.

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