Mexican take-out in Toronto

Which are your favourite spots for Mexican take-out?

I like Itacate on St Clair W.

Any price point. Thanks!


I find Mexican doesn’t travel very well, crispy things get soggy, but Mexico Lindo and Mexicato in the Scarbs are our go to these days.


I’m okay with crispy becoming soggy!

Thanks!! Realistically, I’ll probably get the take-out from St Clair W (King’s, Tenoche, Itacate, etc ) but I want a bunch of options all over the city.

This place is on Jane

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Still want to try Mexico Lindo and can add Mexicato to the list. The St. Clair W. options are also on our list.

We’ve enjoyed takeout from El Charro (Broadview location) and they also have a small patio in warmer weather. Our most recent notes are here. We also quite like El Sol, particularly the tacos sonorenses, sopes with machaca, the mole chicken, and the tamale.

We did takeout from Milagro once. Very nice barbacoa, cochinita pibil, and panels con no pales.

And then there are the options at the food court at 214 Augusta in Kensington Market. La Chilaca might be our favourite, although everything is very good. I posted about this here.


We’ve only had take out from Lindo the past few times(Birchmount Rd location) and it was good but we found it didn’t travel well, hopefully the horrid construction will be finished by the summer so we can try dine in. Mexicato Cantina(Birchmount/Ellesmere) was dine in for our first visit and we loved it, will revisit again in the summer.

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Hmm, that should be “panela con nopales” - didn’t notice the stupid autocorrect.

Dr J, for Mexico Lindo, I strongly recommend taking a seat at their O’Connor location. Jesus is a good cook, host, and owner. He makes a pretty mean margarita too.

Birchmount is take-out only and as Pedro Pero rightfully points out, most Mexican food does not travel.


Thanks. The O’Connor location is the most convenient for us, so that’s where we would go when we get an opportunity.

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but just made it to Chilliy Pepper Tacos near Casa Loma at Dupont & Davenport, the former location of Anthony Rose’s “Rose & Sons” concept.

Has been open for at least a year now, a very unassuming front on Dupont but had heard such good things and decided to check it out. Absolutely blew me away - I normally venture up to St. Clair W for good mexican (Itacate, La Tienda, Tenoche, etc) but this absolutely matched those in my books. House made taco tortillas (!!!) came warm with a little crisp on the edges, plenty of protein, and $5/taco is quite fair these days. All tacos come loaded with onion & cilantro.

I got the Asada (steak) and Carnitas (pork), and they gave three complimentary sauces at the table all made in house.


I like it when people bump old threads.

Thanks for the update on this place. I lived in the Annex until last June, and this place hadn’t opened yet when I left. I used to be on that stretch of Dupont for coffee a couple times a week.

It looks great.


I ordered delivery from Taqueria Tinga Kim
Barbacoa Trio and maapo libre
I enjoyed the barbacoa greasy as expected I suppose but got flavor


I live right around the corner from this restaurant and it’s always busy.


Glad it’s busy! I live closer to Bloor-Yonge so it’s a bit of a walk, a bit nicer to walk the east/west residential streets rather than walking up Davenport. I’m genuinely debating going back again this weekend because it was that good! Have you tried the burritos/tortas/quesadilla by chance?

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I haven’t been yet. I’m hoping to try it soon. Everything is made fresh, even the tortillas.

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