Mexican Food in Monmouth County


Thoughts/recommendations on where to get Mexican food catered from? We are having a fiesta themed first birthday party for my daughter in May. Anybody have food catered from any of these places?

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A little more information please. Mexican Food is a broad category with many styles and dishes. What specifically were you thinking about ordering? Do you just need the food or do you want them to set it up? Serve it? How many people are you feeding? any dietary restrictions?


So I am thinking a taco bar with soft tacos and el pastor, chicken, maybe roasted veggies for the vegetarians and then lots of toppings so people can go more authentic (onion/cilantro) or shredded cheese etc. Guacaomle. Beans. Rice. 50 people max (god I hope no more). I would love to get them to set it up and I’m going to try to get someone to help work the party too. Northern Monmouth county is best. We are in Aberdeen. Thanks!!!


Oh and no real dietary restrictions!


I would ask La Valentina in Long Branch if they cater.


I eat a lot of Mexican food but I can’t recommend a place for a party. One thing to consider is the language barrier. I would honestly try to get a Spanish speaking person to arrange this if you are going to an authentic Mexican place. Things get lost in translation. I’m not saying it can’t be done in English, but I’d just trust me on this one


Some Diablo and garlic shrimp from notb. The pic doesn’t look great but those shrimp were really tasty. For 15 bucks it was a really fair deal. 14 decent sized shrimp.


Yeah good point. My sister is fluent and I’ll probably have her set it up. Thanks!

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Carne enchilada is $ 4.99 a lb.

They also have great smoked pork chops (chuletas ahumado or kassler rippchen) at $ 4.49 a lb. I like em with kraut & kielbasy.


So I stopped by for the first time today and this is a cool market. I would never have guess how big this place was just by driving past it. I didn’t get much but I’ll be back to try some meat. I did see the marinated meat too.

We ended up getting a mixed assortment of tamales at La chapparita…6 to eat in and 4 to go. Beverages were a cup of hibiscus juice, a mandarina jarritos, and a double cup of champurrado. 23 and change

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Holy tamales !

What’s the filling?


They make different kinds each week but I think the standard ones I like are rajas, rojos, and mole. They are 1.25 each so if you don’t like one, it’s not the end of the world. I’d start with those 3 and the chicken one with chilis is good too. They chicken tend to be drier and need some hot sauce. 3 is enough for a pretty hearty breakfast. They are filling.

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I’ve lost track–what is the name of the place that makes these tamales?


La chaparrita on Shrewsbury ave. If you want tamales go early. They run out by 9 and certain styles will sell out quicker.

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Fish tacos !

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I had some awesome fish tacos at Jose Tejas last week. Excellent for a chain restaurant. Blackened swordfish, mango salsa, and grilled avocado.



All types of stuff, and yes to pork. Fish tacos are me thing I never make for some rea son at home. I eat them though.

@gcaggiano that place is half decent. Every time I go it is just so packed though


For any chili heads juanitos has a nice selection. This is just one of their sections of dried chilis. They also have an entire wall of them and a section of fresh produce with a lot of different peppers.

I tried some chicarron and like it…

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They are really easy to make.

Heat up some tortillas and some fish.

Fresh fish is best, I like shark or swordfish especially grilled leftovers. But even Costco fish sticks work.

Chop up some cabbage, finely.

The secret is the white sauce: mayo, sour cream & lime juice with a little water.

Tortilla, fish, cabbage, white sauce then top with your choice of tomatoes, cilantro, onion, cotija or other cheese.

A little hot sauce…

Honestly it’s as easy as making a sandwich.