Mexican Food in Monmouth County

(Roz Rappaport) #123

To be accurate, his name is Brian Yarvin. (Perhaps you accidentally omitted the “r”?)

(David) #124

Still not bad for remembering a guy I last saw five years ago.

(Christine) #125

Cielito Lindo also has a location at 1501 Main Street in Belmar. We also like Azteca on Route 71 – their freshly made guacamole is so good! I recently blogged about the best places for Mexican, Tex-Mex, etc. in the Belmar region of Monmouth County:

(Greg Caggiano) #126

I always thought El Meson in Freehold was great, but I went there last year and could not justify going back for those prices. Mexican food, to me, while far from simple is pretty cheap to make. Any place pushing $18 for some nachos with grilled chicken is no bueno in my book.

El Tropico in Keyport is decent. They have a more authentic menu and the prices were great on my last visit, which was a while ago. Awesome tripe tacos they had.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #127

Try Los Corrales in Keyport as well. El Meson always seemed too aimed at an Anglo crowd, while El Tropico, Los Corrales, and the various places in Red Bank were more authentic. I haven’t tried the new spot in Matawan (El Rinconcito de Mama) yet.

(Greg Caggiano) #128

Agreed 100% with your take on El Meson.

As for Los Corrales, I pass it regularly and always wanted to try. It used to be a sports card store when I was a kid. Talk about how times have changed! I just looked at the menu online. Looks as authentic as they come.


So I guess @goodparmesan was not kidding.

There is a line to get chapparita’s tamales. We tried 4 different kinds. 4 tamales, coke and some kind of Mexican drink my friend got cost us 8 dollars total. People were buying tamales by the armful to go…literally.


Ps…I liked the pork mole tamale the best. We wanted to get some to go but but by the time we finished eating and got back on the line, that style was sold out.

(Greg Caggiano) #131

Those tamales look heavenly.


If you like tamales, these are definitely tasty. The pork mole were sold out by 8:30 this morning

(Retired !) #133

Azteca Grill in Red Bank:

Azteca Grill
110 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
(732) 530-4350

Anybody been? What’s the report?

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #134

Haven’t been, but it’s the old Eurasian Eatery location.

(Greg Caggiano) #135

I LOVED the Eurasian Eatery. I won’t say anymore or else this thread will get totally sidetracked!


Nothing yet. I want to go but I keep putting it off. Yesterday I hit la chaparrita for breakfast then drove to linos for lunch later on. Linos now has their own soda. Some guac and black cherry


Rincon Latino supermarket in red bank…

I tried this place yesterday and left a great review on google just now. @gcaggiano @VikingKaj

Here it is…

This is a really cool place to get latino roducts. It is like stepping into a Mexican grocery store here in the US.

They have fresh produce that you typically won’t find at your local market. I plan to get back and try some peppers. They also have unique spices, a large variety of latino sodas and juices, and even a small butcher shop in the back. It isn’t large but they pack a ton of stuff into this small shop.

One thing is that there are no prices on the shelves. However, everything is barcoded so you don’t get the gringo tax. I didn’t try any of the meat, but it appears this place offers very fair pricing. I got some drinks, cleaning supplies, and a couple random things. I was actually surprised at the price.

The chorizo looks really nice and it appears to be house made. They have little links and they look delicious . It surely isn’t the garbage premio is putting out.

This place is 2 doors down from lino’s

(Greg Caggiano) #138

Finally tried Los Corrales in Keyport after reading nothing but positive reviews. It was everything I expected. No decor to speak of, only white guy present (a good sign for authentic food), and Mexican Coca Cola! It was a delicious experience. The beef tongue burrito was to die for. Full review coming in a few weeks but here are my pics:


The chips were complimentary. A nice touch! Nothing was overly salty. Very clean eating.

(Retired !) #139

I will have to check out Rincon.

Juanitos Mercado just down the street has awesome homemade totally delish Chorizo Oaxqueno and also Longaniza. So good.

Great on the grill or for chorizo and egg tacos. I buy it in, freeze it, and cut off a hunk when I’m in the mood. Just had chorizo & egg tacos for lunch.

Jaunitos also has carne enchilada pre marinated, so you just fry it up for instant tacos. Great for some night when you really don’t feel like cooking.

Juanito’s Market
197 Shrewsbury Ave, Red Bank, NJ 07701
(732) 212-0660

(Jeff) #140

HIt IMG in Red Bank again yesterday for the al pastor tacos. Best tacos around here IMHO.


Nice. I’ll have to give those sausages a try as well. Thanks for the tip.

Jeff, I’m a big fan of those too and they are my “go to” at img. However, the last plate I had at lino’s were top notch, and I’ve had those countless times too. Really juicy pork and larger chunks of pineapple. Either they slightly changed the recipe or perhaps a new person cooking altered the plate to their liking/style.


Also, how much is the marinated meat per pound if you remember?