Mexican Food in Monmouth County

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One in Keyport in case you are up that way.

Los Corrales
204 Broad St, Keyport, NJ 07735
(732) 217-1775

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A few in Red Bank

International Mexican Food
90, 92 Shrewsbury Ave, Red Bank, NJ 07701
(732) 383-5416

North of the Border
176 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
(732) 384-1710

Linos Mexican Cafe
222 Shrewsbury Ave, Red Bank, NJ 07701
(732) 530-9772


I agree about the menudo and springs but not so sure about the other two. I live in Houston, Spring Branch and ya’ll need to come down. In my area we have million dollar homes two blocks from carnicerias and taco trucks on three corners. TexMex, Mexican, come check it out and I’ll steer you in the right direction.

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Cielito Lindo in Manasquan is on my hit list.

They have Saudero (brisket), Oreja (crispy pigs ear) and Barbacoa (goat) on the menu.

Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant
99 Taylor Ave, Manasquan, NJ 08736
(732) 722-7979

Don’t you like the crispy porky bits @corvette_johnny?


Good call vk. I need to try some of those places.

@CurlzNJ there are some good spots in LB. You need to know a little Spanish but there is some tasty food :slight_smile:


@CurlzNJ See my review of El Sierra above. Post #40 and the few after it.

@VikingKaj We eat at or from Cielito Lindo in Manasquan often as it is 5 minutes from us and I pass it on my home from work. Their food is very good. Is it the best? I don’t know but we like it a lot. They also have a place in Belmar which I hear is “fancier”.

Two others to add to your list briefly mentioned above:

Azteca Restaurant
1633 Route 71
West Belmar

Bradley Cafe (only open for breakfast and lunch. Closed Tuesdays)
720 Main Street
Bradley Beach


Thanks, @VikingKaj !

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De nada.


Of course I like anything pork related!

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Did I mention that notb was renovated? It is not as dingy and they no longer have the chilangos chilling on the stools. You have to get a table now. I miss the stools.

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Yes but do they still have the flies in the kitchen?


They just started serving casu marzu topped tacos! These are going to take over red bank.

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seriously??? Now there’s something I never want to try.


I’m just fooling around. I couldn’t stomach that eventhough I bet it tastes good. Vik has a love/hate relationship with notb so I was just joking around with him :slight_smile:

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Until they renovate their parking situation, Lino’s is my go-to Mexican place in RB, with International in second place.


I think you’re referring to notb parking. I just park at the galleria. I can use the 60 seconds of exercise to walk there lol

If this weather ever cools off I will be tearing into lino’s tacos very soon. That place is my taco spot in cold weather. I love that open pit heat and hickory wood smoke.

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Pulled Pork tacos.

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It’s Taco Tisdag !

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Looking good. Did you roast a shoulder?

I haven’t done one this entire summer. This hasn’t been my best carnivorous season :confused: