Mexican Food in Monmouth County

Tried ordering takeout Friday and Saturday both times around 6-6:30. Friday night they said kitchen wasn’t taking any more orders and Saturday the kitchen was backed up for 1.5 hours and they said to call back later. So the initial response seems to be pretty good. I do think they are doing some sort of “soft opening” so they don’t have enough food/staff to fully accommodate everyone right now.

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As for me, (Lino’s) now Tino’s is the best barbecue


You all got any place that serves Birria tacos in your neck of the woods?
One of my favs birria tacos with that wonderful consomme.

You know @Foodhunter , I don’t think we do. I’ve eaten at many authentic Mexican restaurants in Red Bank and New Brunswick and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Birria on any menu.

Tino’s again today, but just the Trio (plus cactus). In the last month the Trio has gone from $15 to $16, and the Parilla from $25 to $27. Almost all the items have similarly gone up a dollar or two on the latest menu. The price increases since they changed names has been dramatic. I realize meat has gone up in price, and these are meat dishes, but I haven’t seen such steady increases at other places. (Admittedly, I have a very small sample space.)


When I saw the thoughtful to go presentation, I somehow sensed I was in for a treat.
Ordered from Galindos Kitchen for the first time. Everything was fresh and delicious. Look forward to sampling more from their menu.


New spot opening in Little Silver next to Carvel…not much more info unfortunately


Had takeout tonight from Mi Pueblo Querido in Long Branch.
Fried Tilapia and Molcajete. Very flavorful sauce/salsas and tasty chorizo. Satisfying meal that I would order again.


I had the urge today to eat something great. Perused Local Smoke menu and was going to get a platter as I have never eaten there. GF spur of the moment nail appt in Red Bank across from IMG made the choice easy.
Steak and Pastor tacos. Came with four salsas. Lighter red which brought the heat, darker red with smokey flavor, refreshing green, and some lighter color which seemed more like a dressing?
I had eaten their tacos before but never fresh. Delicious.

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