Merry Christmas to meeee!

Found this in a email only clearance sale! $54 with a small scratch on the outer wall


Nice. Is it a carbon steel pan? It looks like a pan. Is the $54 sale because of the scratch? Just zoomed in and read the label that it is a Mineral B Pro.

Yes and yes, its an 8" fry pan…they had an email-only clearance on some imperfect models, so I took a leap, and I’m happy I did. The scratch is about 1" long, and on the outside. The inside is flawless.

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Congrats. I hope you find a favorite use, and share that.

It’s not the 24cm (9.4”) version? The numbers on the packaging look like it might be


Youre right. I waffled back and forth between the two. The 8" s&d was the standard version, the 9.5 was the pro.


It’s a 24 cm De Buyer Mineral B Pro pan.

I sold/gave away all my De Buyer Mineral B regular pans and bought the Pro versions instead since I prefer to be able to use the pans in the oven.

The Pro version solves that problem with the SS handles.

You can use the regular version in the oven for less than 10 minutes at lower heat, but you risk the handle coating will get a bit gluey from it.

I thought the problem is the plastic knob, and less so about the beeswax on the handle.


That was why I finally went with the Pro. I sear things and finish them in the oven all the time.

I have the same one, and to be honest is feels so small that I sometimes think it’s an 8” rather than a 9.4”. Great buy - hope it will make some yummy food.

Not at all. The rubber knob is detachable.
And there’s no beeswax on the handle.
The pan itself has a beeswax coating, that will be removed when you wash the pan.

The handle has a thin plastic like coating that will turn gluey when exposed to high oven heat.

I have that size, too. I find it pretty handy. The flared rim on a traditional Lyonnaise shape pan really creates a wide disparity between the rim diameter and the floor diameter. I wish they would advertise them with both measurements. I will also add that 24 cm lids seem to be easy to find in my kitchen, and it is nice to be able to use one on this pan for tasks like melting cheese or steaming eggs.


Same with the so-called “chefs’” pans and sauciers. And while we’re dreaming, an actual and accurate volume measurement.


Whip that thing out! I wanna see this. Sweet deal. I’d have it scratched in a month or so, anyway.