Memory foods that are not in fashion

My friend still makes it, think it’s still fairly common near Pittsburgh. Readymade to heat at home, as well as made from scratch.

I didn’t know about it until he posted a photo on FB in another cooking group.


Sounds similar to what we called Swiss Steak with tomatoes rather than ketchup.
Never understood what Switzerland had to do with it.


My mother did too. I’m not much of a cake person but I love German chocolate. I’m surprised so many people are unfamiliar with it. I know my Fred Meyer store usually has German chocolate brownies which are also delicious.


I was going to say tater tots, but they’re back in fashion now.


In my house, they never went out of style!


Jello “salads” From my m-i-l’s lime jello with cottage cheese and pineapple to my sister-in-law’s sister’s raspberry jello/canned cranberry sauce/sour cream ring, bad ideas. Bad.


Oh no . It was always at the Thanksgiving table at grandma’s . I avoided it after the first taste for life . It is on the list of 2 items I dislike to eat .


Thinking back, though we have it during its extremely short growing Season, of late November to mid February, is uncultivated (grows wild in Navarra - northern Spain) is Cardoon (cardo).

Nothing like celery. In order to prepare this oddity, one must peel the stalks which are quite tall.

We prepare these sliced in small but not tiny pieces and boil, as this is a soup one never forgets.

One may find it in The Irati National Park, 50 km. from Pamplona.

There is a ** Michelin starred Chef, who prepares it for the 24th of December.

My maternal grandmother has prepared it over the years and now my mom and dad prepare it.

It is a cardoon and almond soup prepared from vegetable stock and dressed with dried fruits. Absolutely lovely.

Cannot really think of anything else, as most of the regional Spanish and Catalan and Basque cuisines are standard fare … at home or at a restaurant …


This reminds me of a favorite salad that the famous SELECTA restaurant in Manila served long long time ago ( early 50’s) when my Aunt Helen turned 16 and had her debutante ball there. Selecta is ( was) located along Dewey Blvd, across from Manila Bay. As I remember it, it was a big beautiful building with a front facade of glass column leading to a large blue flashing neon lighted SELECTA sign, My father often drives us on weekends to cruise along Dewey Blvd for the breeze. It is one of the place frequented mostly by Americans. Of course, I was not invited since I was just a kid but I always remember that night when my aunt wore silk stockings for the first time, how I stroke her legs again and again to feel the silk stockings , wearing a ballgown on the way to the ball. SELECTA packed some left overs for her to bring home and this was one of my favorites as well as that of my husband’s ( rip) esp when we went out on the boat or hiking ( I prefreeze them so it stays cold and chilled ) as it not only taste good, but refreshing and nourishing. as well. I wish I can make more but my son does not like mayonnaise . I posted a picture on HO a few. yard ago but cannot find it , Here are the ingredients . shredded poached chicken breast, cooked firm potatoes that are 1", cubed beets, cubed Granny Smith apples, well drained fruit cocktail, mayonnaise to bind.Sometimes, I add a little bit of whipped cream cheese as well. Serve chilled… I often make a huge bowl, sprinkle some beet powder on top for decoration.


Oh, oh…I think I misunderstood the gist of this thread. Are we supposed to be lamenting the loss of old time favorite foods? I thought it was a RIP for “never should have beens”. Sorry about that.

My impression is that it can be either - things you used to eat and liked and/or things that people used to eat and are deservedly in the past!

@pilgrim Our favorite family jello was black cherry jello with canned black cherries - completely covered with canned whipped cream.
RIP my MIL’s lime jello mold with canned fruit cocktail - no thanks. She was a good baker and an outstandingly terrible cook.


My m-i-l made your black cherry mold but/and added crushed pineapple and a can of whole berry cranberry sauce. No whipped cream that I remember, but i seem to recall a sauce made from mayo diluted with whipping cream.

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Sorry - that variation would have caused a rebellion - especially the crushed pineapple and the mayo!


FWIW, we “retired” this dish from our holiday tables some 20 years ago. Toothachingly sweet.

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A wise decision!

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Interesting article …

In Barcelona there is a well known Bakery and Pastry Academy that prepares a German Chocolate Cake however, it does not have coconut or nuts in it …

I cannot have it due to the milk chocolate however, it is quite popular … One can order it, as long as the recipe is in Spanish …

Growing up in Buffalo in the 70s and 80s, we frequently dined at a Mexican (limited chain) restaurant called Chi-Chi’s, and my favorite dish was the seafood nachos. Neither the restaurant nor the dish itself had lasting power, and sometimes I try to recreate it at home, but it never tastes as good as my memories. Effectively, it was tortilla chips, topped with tiny shrimp and krab, melted mozz or monterey jack, and a dash of paprika. Sour cream on the side. Mmm good :slight_smile:


Chi-Chi’s salsa lives on even though the chain bit the dust.


Horn and Hordart

Mac and cheese.


I’ve been making some of the Jell-o salads in my community cookbooks over the last few years. First Watergate salad last year. A peach and vanilla pudding salad this past summer.

I make Waldorf salads occasionally.

Plan to make ambrosia this fall, as well as a Snickers salad some time.

I want to make a tomato aspic this fall.

Crêpes are hard to find where I live. I miss The Magic Pan. I love seafood crêpes and spinach crêpes.

The dessert salads weren’t too common in our household, but they were part of the salad bar buffets at some restaurants we frequented in the 80s and 90s.

A wheatberry, pineapple and cool whip salad is still quite popular at buffets and banquets in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I was surprised how popular it was at a wedding reception I attended in May 2018- which took place the same Saturday as the Royal Wedding in the UK.

Also, spiced crabapples were often part of the buffet. Haven’t seen those in a long time.

Other dishes I like to make that are somewhat out of fashion where I live : Coulibiac , Rouladen, Sauerbraten.

Other dishes I don’t see often: Cherries Jubilee, banana splits, tin roof sundaes.

I miss Chi Chi’s. Chajitas and Fajitas are out of fashion where I live. Fajitas were my favourite thing to order when I was a teenager and in my early 20s.