Memorial Day Weekend Eats?

What’s cooking?

Haven’t really thought about it yet, to be honest! I’ll probably wait and see what the weather holds, then decide. If it’s cold/rainy and I want to cook indoors, perhaps pizza. If it’s nice enough to grill, probably burgers or dogs with a grillable side and maybe some German potato salad.

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Sounds good. I haven’t decided for sure, yet. Wanted to get some ideas from you guys.

These Twinkie Strawberry Shortcakes made me smile. I heard they come in Chocolate now. lol.

So far, all I can think of, is a Caprese pasta salad with fresh mozzarella balls and halved cherry tomatoes.

I am thinking to visit the butcher and buy some short ribs, thick slices of beef liver, some turkey legs and some NY strip …(on sale for $6.99 per pound)…grilling it all up ??? with I don’t know …any sugestions???

Someone else is doing the cooking, I am in charge of getting the box of rose wine. I can do that.


I’ll be at my friends’ party, they have a great terrace and grill which is rare in manhattan. At this point i have a reputation for bringing creative veggie dishes that no one really notices are actually vegan. I’ll probably make a chimmichurri to have as a condiment for veggies that go on the grill (scallions became a surprise hit last year), and i’m still undecided on a few salads.
Definitely this simple cucumber avocado salad, i’ll add in lot of cilantro

Then a more hearty salad either beans or grains, i keep meaning to make this one though i would add more salad greens

And a slaw style thing, dunno about that yet

I’ve made a slaw with ginger/lime for potlucks and cook-outs several times in the last year. People love it and there is never any left. It has a wonderful fresh, light flavor.

TTR, that bean salad with radicchio, etc from Serious Eats is FABULOUS!! I pickle thinly sliced shallots instead of diced red onion and use TJ’s truffled marcona almonds when they have them.

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Oooohh, you know there’s this similar slaw that is garnished with peanuts that i have had bookmarked for the right summery meal- this could be perfect! Thanks!

Ooooh, then that’s totally what i will make!
Good call on the TJs marconas, the new upper west side store is an easy bike ride and not yet mayhem so its easy to pop in

Ribs, 2 kinds of potato salad & a couple desserts TBD. We’re invited to a friends.

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I went with the traditional Nathan’s dogs and buns today! Easy and tasty!