Meatless Bleeding Burger coming to SF [San Francisco]
Looks intriguing. I’m also a little tickled that a vegan burger will be on the menu of a place where you can order a whole pig’s head for dinner (Cockscomb).

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It’s made from some molecule found in hemoglobin, potatoes, coconut oil, and honeydew; plus whatever garnish and bun… why the heck does it cost $20?!?

Great way to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainable eating by pushing new superfoods into the market at exorbitant price points that could never compete with the established order. I’m all for this, but I can assure you that if I’m going to be ordering meatless burgers anywhere, it won’t be for $20.

Shouldn’t this be a hell of a lot cheaper than the real thing considering the cost of the alternative accounts almost entirely for the production of beef? The reason I’ll occasionally pay $20 for a hamburger is for the meat!

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$183 million in funding for the patty maker? I am in the wrong line of work.

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Put the rubber egg on top, and, perfect: faux food!

I have yet to figure out the psychology behind V folks’ desire for their food to resemble something they are intent on avoiding.


The bigger question is why do omnivores insist on eating so many foods that don’t look like animal flesh (chicken nuggets, burgers, etc.) :slight_smile:

The vegetarian market is small potatoes. They have their eyes on omnivores. Think of it this way-- meats like chicken nuggets, fast food burgers, some deli meats are so far removed from an actual animal, that if you could make a vegetarian version that tastes the same, is healthier, more eco friendly, and ultimately cheaper, why not?

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FWIW I’m as carnivore as they come…however there is a vegan restaurant not far from me called “The Loving Hut”, I believe they are a chain. I’ve had a “cheese burger” there, that had neither cheese or meat on it, and I would be hard pressed to know it wasn’t a real cheese burger. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t completely authentic, however you could serve it to me and I would think it was just an “odd” burger, but I would never have guessed it wasn’t real meat and cheese. They also have a cheese-steak that was pretty good and shrimp that are truly very good.

There’s a host of canned wheat gluten products such as mock duck.

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Heh, some gourmet burger places throw so many toppings on the burger, you wouldn’t notice if they substituted the burger with a sock.

Loving Hut’s yam-based shrimp is good! It’s close to surimi. I worked at a kosher caterer in the 90s that served a fake-shrimp that was like a bunch of mealry, dry beads pressed together. So glad we’ve made progress.

I wish I could say the same for the “roast beef” at the Butcher’s Son, the “vegan butcher”, in Berkeley. It tasted like spaghetti sauce (Italian seasoning?). Their pulled pork is a dead ringer for baked beans, which are of course cheaper. They have great chocolate chip cookies though.

This. For the win!

More Impossible Burgers:

A.k. a. the “bleeping meatless buirger.”

And now they are serving these at Vina Enoteca in Palo Alto.

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