Chinese artificial man made eggs???????????

Anyone else ever hear of this???

I had no idea.

There’s a Chinese artificial man? And he can make eggs? Cool!

So, that’s where rubber chickens come from???

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That’s just disgusting…

For the love of 《deity》WHY?

“Soylent Green is people!”

saw the video. Incredible…even grapes and intestines…

It’s someones cake-day!!! Happy anniversary naf !!!


thx, a virtual cake, better than a fake cake.

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There’s fake rice too. Read about it in a article from Singapore originally a year or so ago.

Wow, maybe we should talk about things that aren’t fake there. Sad to see this.

I wonder if these are leaking in the food chain outside China. For example a bag of frozen fried rice branded under another name, the Chinese factories could mixed a bit of fake ingredients with real to lower cost.

When the fake beef scandal broke out in France a few years ago, labs started to test more food, and discovered Ikea chocolat cakes fabricated in China had rat shit.

I was gonna post something really nasty about Communist China; but decided not to.

At least it was real shit from real rats and not plastic shit from plastic rats.

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For a while I kept a list of fakes in China, including fake food, but I just gave up. I simply can’t keep up. Here we go:
Black sesame ball (actually cement)
Cooking oil
Dog meat
Pet food
Powder milk
Pu’er tea
Soy sauce made from hair

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It’s truly amazing how Communism destroyed one of the greatest civilizations ever to inhabit this earth.

Plus ultra capitalism and dictatorship.

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But there wasn’t actually anything fake about it – it was real horsemeat, butchered and processed under EU guidelines – just labeled as beef.

It’s lying, plain an simply, and wrong and the perpetrators richly deserved the punishment that they got, but in my eyes, that’s a lot less egregious than selling a ball of chemicals (no matter how artfully formed) as actual food.

I was first thinking like you, not so bad eating horse meat… Later, some journalists found out that the horse wasn’t raised according to EU guidelines, there was presence of phenylbutazone, a veterinary drug that is prohibited for human food consumption. They also discovered that some horse meat from Romanian was contaminated with equine infectious anaemia, meaning the animal were raised in very bad condition, often very sick.

but it was still real, actual meat – and IIRC no one was actually hurt by the scam…angry, lied to, and outraged, yes (and again, deservedly so)

I was actually rather glad that the one time I ate horse meat I didn’t care for it – made it much easier to just not buy it because of the medication concerns.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2