Meat Grinder

We have so far used our CuisineArt meat grinder attachment (similar to the Kitchenaid one) and it is OK but not really great. Since we are planning to also dive into sausage and salami making etc in the future we are hoping to get some feedback/thoughts on some stand-alone meat grinders

We have the grinder attachment for the KA mixer and it works well. We also have the hand-cranked Universal grinder which works well but is difficult to clean and to keep all the parts together, and it has a tendency to rust when the weather is humid. If you can deal with its neediness it’s probably the best stand–alone grinder.

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I also posted this on the WFD thread earlier today (a related discussion).

We grind our own meats, as well as make sausages, and are using a Chop-rite #12 bolt-down grinder, with which we are quite satisfied. We have a few plates, ranging from finer to coarser.

Sadly, our Kitchen Aid mixer was not up to the task of grinding partially frozen meat, which we found was requirement to get the proper texture from this unit (too warm product = mealy results). The motor burnt out.

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I use my Kitchenaid mixer (I have the largest model), but after a few years of using the plastic KA attachment, I upgraded to an all-stainless steel model from Chef’s Choice (made to fit the KA mixer). Like @MunchkinRedux, I always grind my meat partially frozen, but fortunately I haven’t had any issues with my KA’s motor, and the all stainless body of the CC attachment helps keep things cold (I put it in the freezer for a few minutes before grinding).


I don’t grind meat but partial to the old iron grinders for no other reason than the sandwiches my grandmother used to make us during baling season. :yum:

[I think it was ground roast with pickles and mayo on white bread with a cup of lemonade. It would be hotter than the surface of the sun at noon outside but it was so good. Those were the days.]


I bought a stand alone unit a few years ago when the amounts I needed to do outgrew the KA. In addition to grinding meat, I can tomato passata so I got this unit:

It’s a beast, but if you need to make quantities, it does the job very, very well. I also have a sausage stuffing attachment for it and various sized grind plates to get the right texture for whatever is being made.


LEM products #12. .75 hp. It will grind all day and not blink an eye.
I use it for grinding meat to make sausage from the feral pigs we harvest here in Hawaii.
Buy once, cry once.

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If you’re going to be grinding meat regularly, you should be looking at a dedicated quasi-commercial unit. Retail businesses that cater to hunters, e.g., Cabela’s or Brass Pro Shops, can be good places to look.

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I have an electric meat grinder which is similar to this one

I have a metal attachment and have no issues grinding with the KA either. I also freeze the meat until it’s partially frozen.

Very professional looking

Not sure I’d call it professional but it does a decent job of grinding semi frozen slabs of chuck although you can hear it slowing down a bit to get it done. Then the motor gets back up to full speed. Still way better than my KA grinding attachment

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The grinders that bolt on and get hand cranked will outperform a KA, which chokes on silverskin. For grinding hamburger or sausage in smaller amounts I get good results with the FP.

For anyone that is thinking of the KA accessory, I just saw this crack today.

I use this maybe twice a month, for the last 2-3 years, only fresh meat, generally happy, until now.

I have a Porkert clamp model that I bought decades ago.

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