Meat grinder black residue on meat

I have the Kitchenaid meat grinder attachment that works with the mixer. It functions alright for a light usage. I notice that some greyish black residue on the meat after a few minutes of use. In the beginning I thought it because the grinder was new, but after using it for several year and careful washing, this residue still exists.

Question, why is that happening and is the blacken meat safe to eat? TIA


I use usually the 3rd and the 4th grinding plates

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Took a picture of the residue.

I remember reading the same complaint back on the old Chowhound site.

I believe it’s a reaction of the metal and the meat. Do all meat grinders create this or just the Kitchenaid one?

I used the Kitchenaid grinder attachment for years and never came across that problem. Are all the metal parts made of stainless steel?

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@naf, is that residue visible on all the meat you grind, or just random bits?

Very random bits. If I saw that I picked that out.

That’s what I would do too. I’ve read many similar complaints about KA’s and I think I remember it’s just a little lubrication residue being released from the motor. I do have a KA, with grinder, but haven’t noticed that particular thing before when processing meats. Seems I’ve seen a little black on something else, but can’t remember at this point what it was @naf.

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Send some stale bread through the grinder before you put in your meat.


I experienced this when I used the KA grinder and as I recall, the consensus on Chowhound and other online forums was that it was a reaction of the metal and meat, or more accurately the fat picking up color from the metal (the same way you might see some dark color on your paper towel after rubbing a carbon steel or cast iron pan with oil). I recently upgraded my grinder to this model: and have not noticed any discoloration, so I would assume it has something to do with the exact alloy used in the KA parts?

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Not really, the blade and grinding plates are stainless steel, but the metal at the back, i’ve some doubts, partially it was copper coloured.

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I’ve checked the motor, the lubricant is more brown in colour.

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I checked the back of the grinder. The metal looks like there is some oxidation. Tried to touch with a stick wrapped some paper towel, a bit of black colour came out. Tried to wash 4 or 5 times, it is clean now, but I use it once a while every few months, maybe the “black” will be back.

The attachments has this type of dark spots.

Looks like this is the problem!! Thanks everyone!!

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One of the cooking magazines I subscribe to… if it is non anodized aluminum, and the attachment has been in the dish washer,…

I’ve ruined the hook and flat beater attachments in the past by putting them in the dishwasher. The anodized aluminum turned grey with a nasty powder like this (not my picture). I learned the lesson the hard way, bought new replacement and stopped putting the attachments in the machine ever again. With years of usage, tiny black spots did appear. I wonder why they didn’t use stainless steel though.