MDM Noodles -Brighton

Had another great dinner at MDM Noodles in Brighton Center. Super tasty and fresh. WE enjoyed:

Spicy Hot Oil Hand-Pulled Noodles
Cucumber with Mashed Garlic
Dried Hot Pot Fish Filet
Seafood Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup
Stir-Fried Seasonal Vegetable(Bok Choy)

Friendly service always! Plus leftovers today :slight_smile:


This is one of the few places that I now miss since I moved from Brighton to Newton Centre. Also, Esperia Grill across the street, and S&I Thai to go (so far Thai food in Newton Centre is pretty bad).

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@Trumpetguy’s mention of MDM on the Post-pandemic Honesty – Yea or Nay? thread (wish I’d thought of that title earlier) reminded me to mention an outstanding meal we had from them in late August. Very good Spicy Oil Hand-pulled Noodles, lovely dumplings and a very good version of Da Pan Ji (aka Big Tray/Plate Chicken), here listed just as Spicy Chicken for Two. In the Greater Boston area I’ve had this dish from Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine in Cambridge (many times) and Home Taste in Watertown (listed as Xinjiang Spicy Chicken). The MDM version might be the best, but it’s hard to be sure when comparing three very good dishes across many-month gaps. I will say with certainty, though, that the knife work in the MDM version was very clean, with none of the treacherous residual bone-shards that populated the Home Taste version the two times we’ve had it.


Have had MDM a few times since my last report, most recently two days ago, and they continue to be very, very good. New to us this time were the beef with handpulled noodles (the fat, slap-on-the-counter kind) and the braised eggplant. We git extra beef with the noodles, and boy was that a great decision. The beef is very tender and very tasty. If you get takeout, as we did, stir the dish well in a big bowl. The beef is on top, but the tasty, oily sauce settles in the bottom. The Spicy Chicken was great, as always, but a little less redolent of aromatics than I like. Hello, star anise! Hello, black cardamom! Where were you, my old freinds?


I too still love MDM! I alternate between them and “Our Zone” a few blocks away. Different ordering,( no hand pulled noodles), but truly delicious as well!

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Thanks for the tip. You tipped me off to MDM, as well, so I’m doubly in your debt.

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To follow up, what do you recommend there? Their menu is quite extensive, but, of course, in keeping with my quest to to sample every version of Da Pan Ji in town, I’ll get the “Spicy chicken with potato(with bone)” in my first order. What else? Chicken gizzard with green pepper? Stir fried bullfrog with bean paste(with bone)? Minced pork with pickle bean? Or, grrr!, should I get something from the “Appetizrr” section (“Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice vegetable wrap mushroom & sesame oil contain”?), or from “Che’s Special,” or from 炒饭面食 (which, without translation, exhorts us to “tell people more about the items in this section, e.g., all main courses can be made gluten free”)?

Choices, choices…

It’s a charming menu, with a lot of things on it. We need suggestions. @Trumpetguy, a community turns its hungry tongues to you.


Sadly, I’m not really a meat eater, so I’m not much help to you. I’m crazy, so I get EVERYTHING spicy :slight_smile:
My usual order:
Fish filet hot chili sauce with rice

Stir Fried String Bean with black bean sauce -

Griddled Cauliflower- Spicy

Stir fried Cabbage with hot pepper- spicy

Bean starch noodles Spicy

Stir Fried shredded potato in vinegar sauce with green pepper

The Cauliflower is my absolute fave! I hope you enjoy!!!


Thanks. Yes, I do like meat, but I eat everything with gusto. As is well known in the plant world, no vegetable is safe near me.

You’ve offered a very nice list. I’m going to have fun eating through it.

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