May–August 2022 Baking Cookbook Voting

Welcome to voting for May–August 2022 BCOTM. Of several books nominated, one emerged ahead of the pack, with two others tied for second place. We’ll be choosing between Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple by Dorie Greenspan, The Italian Baker: The Classic Tastes of the Italian Countryside–Its Breads, Pizza, Focaccia, Cakes, Pastries, and Cookies by Carol Field, and Mooncakes and Milk Bread: Sweet and Savory Recipes Inspired by Chinese Bakeries by Kristina Cho. Below each book link at the end of this post, you’ll find a link to its index at Eat Your Books, showing the name and main ingredients of all its recipes, to give you a sense of the book.

To vote, use the fork-and-knife icon to like the post below that corresponds with your choice. If you change your mind within the edit menu, deselect (and change your vote if you want to) the clicking the same icon. Otherwise, indicate the change in a reply to this post. Please vote with the intention of baking from you chosen book should it win and posting about your experience here on HO.

Voting will close on SUNDAY, APRIL 24 at 11 PM GMT/7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT.

Peruse the recipe list.

Peruse the recipe list.

Peruse the recipe list.

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To vote for BAKING WITH DORIE, please use the fork-and-knife icon.


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Or to vote for THE ITALIAN BAKER, please use the fork-and-knife icon.


Alternatively, to vote for MOONCAKES AND MILK BREAD, please use the fork-and-knife icon.


Just about 28 hours remaining in which to get those votes in!

Very tight race!

I will bake that Everything Cake from Dorie, so I voted.

Five hours to go, and we have a dead heat! Any baking peeps who’ve not yet weighed in and want to participate, now is the time.

Voting is now closed. As we still have a tie vote, in a bid for fairness, I am now going to flip a coin: Heads, it’s Baking with Dorie; tails, it’s the Italian Baker.

And…it’s heads. BAKING WITH DORIE: SWEET, SALTY, AND SIMPLE will be our May–August BCOTM. I will post a reporting thread on May 1.


Ha! I didn’t want to vote, because not sure how often I’ll participate, but I chanced to think it may be The Italian Baker, so ordered a used copy! However, NOT sorry, I hear it’s a great book. Ok, so now maybe I’ll have to spring for the Dorie book. Don’t think I have any of her books. Should be a good one.

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Ok, I’m in, just ordered the Dorie book.

Yay!! Looking forward to baking more from this…

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Just received my copy of the book, and oh wow, very impressed - what a beautiful book!! Think this is the 1st DG cookbook I have, but have heard about her for years. Found many things I want to make & very much looking forward to cooking this book. As a bonus, The Italian Baker is due to arrive in a few days - I hear her works are fantastic. RIP Carol Field.


Baking with Dorie reporting is live!