May 2018, Boston, MA. Openings and closings! (Jeez this is late)


somehow what with my new job and looking for a place to live and the Kentucky Derby I totally forgot to start this thread for May. Please forgive me! Post all your spiffy openings and closings here.

I don’t have anything super new to report, but it sure is good news that the Moody’s taco bar thing is finally coming this month. Time for a road trip to Waltham…


sabor peruvian fusion on broadway in revere has closed


Both of these have been talked about on other threads but just for the record :wink:

The new brothers market in waltham opened at the corner of main and moody. I’m excited about the addition! I went opening day and everything of course looked great. Let’s hope they keep it up!

Also the new taco concept from Moody’s deli - El Rincon - opened as a one day pop up on May 5th but is supposed to open full time next week if all goes well.


Boston .com reports that Smith & Wollensky’s Castle location in the Back Bay is closing. While few will lament the loss of one of our many steakhouses, it is a unique space. I wonder if something else will go in there.


I’ve seen a fair amount of speculation that it will likely end up an event space, which seems like a reasonable bet.


Not a strict opening/closing, but Union Square Farmers Market is back open this Saturday. There is never that much there for the earlier weeks, but I still want to go take a look - perhaps they would have sorrel there? I still haven’t seen them at Russo’s, and have been wanting to make the sorrel pesto bowl from Sqirl lately.

Also wondering if it’s a good idea to start a new thread for produces at farmers market and maybe "where to find ____ " post? I really enjoyed the CSA reports from @Thimes last year.


It’s being reported that Bow Market in Somerville will open on Saturday, May 12. Don’t know how accurate the information is.


thmor da on shirley ave in revere is temporarily closed

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Tsukiji in Melrose is closed. Started out well but went downhill.


the island has opened in the old ferry street food and drink location on ferry street in malden


I can confirm it was open- family members went while I was at work- but the report was that many stalls are still “coming soon.” I am on all the Somerville updates from the city and get near constant contact regarding events, races, happenings around town, etc, but I have not heard one word about this. I wonder if there will be a launch party or something at some point.

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Oh Noes!


Sad but can’t say I’m surprised. I think it lost the creative edge when they moved away from the Asian fusion direction, and everything was just salty all of the time the last few times we were there. Still a shame as they made one of the best London Fogs I’ve ever had, and now the search is back again…

Celebrating the Life of Strip T's [MA, Watertown]

thmor da on shirley ave in revere has reopened


infused kreyol on main street in malden is officially open


Word on the street is that Hakata Ramen in Waltham is just waiting for final Kitchen inspection. I’m traveling for a few weeks so someone keep an eye out ! :wink:


A sign recently went up in the windows of the former Elephant Walk on Mass. Ave. near Porter Square. Gustazo! No projected opening date that I could see, but I this space has been empty for so long, I thought this was news worth sharing.

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Del Sur, the empanada place near the Rt 62/Rt 3A junction, is no more. The sign in the window says " Coming soon - Burlington Cafe".


I am apparently cursed with this location, but I tried to go to the Godavari mini in Union Square again tonight, and tho they only opened a few weeks ago they are now seemingly closed for kitchen renovations for an unknown amount of time. Sign in the window just says to watch for their grand re-opening.

September 2018, Boston and surrounding areas, openings + closings!!!

My one experience with food delivery from them was abysmal, so perhaps you’re not missing too much. Their idlis and medu vadai were too large, the sambhar they should have included was missing, and the food was generally wan. I know you (and others I respect) think highly of the main Godavari, so perhaps these flaws are just confined to the distributary.

There was also a peculiar delivery problem. The food was late coming so, as Grubhub suggests, I phoned the restaurant. “Food ready for long time” they said matter-of-factly, “but not ready when Grubhub guy come so we tell him go away and come later. He not come back.” I asked if they could contact Grubhub to get her/him back. “No” they said, “you come pick up.” Eventually, I had to call Grubhub and get them to get their delivery guy back to the restaurant.