May 2017, Homecooking DOTM Nominations

Thank you, @naf for reminding me that it is almost May, and we need some nominations if we are to have a Dish of the Month for the beautiful month of May. :green_salad::strawberry::tomato::carrot::cucumber:

Nominations are open until May 1, 2017.

Please put the dish you are nominating in ALL CAPS.

I’m going to suggest with ASPARAGUS & PASTA for a May DOTM. It’ll get a bit of Spring into the dish.

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ASPARAGUS, PEAS and BEANS. (carb of choice)

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Dishes (savoury or sweet) SPRING VEGETABLES / FRUITS and a SPICE. For the ppl living in the south of equator, will be AUTUMN instead of SPRING. I like asparagus, but I like also artichokes, rhubarbs, strawberries, cherries…


FYI there is 1% of site traffic from the Southern Hemispheres.