Mauviel M'Cook or Demeyere Industry 5?

Hi! I am the proud owner of a new house with a new gas stove and would like to upgrade some of my cookware. I’ve spent the last few weeks reading so many old posts on here on Chowhound and have narrowed my choices down to the two in the subject line. I plan to start with an 11-12" skillet and a ~3qt saucepan.

From what I’ve read, it seems clear the Demeyere skillet will be more even and retain more heat, probably better for searing. But the Mauviel may be more responsive and better for sauteeing vegetables. Are the high sidewalls of the Demeyere skillet an issue for anyone? Don’t know if there’s any real practical difference between the two when it comes to the saucepans.

I have no idea if @Gooster is still active here, but was hoping to hear from them (or anyone else) as I know from the old threads that they have experience with both lines.

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I think you pretty much know everything already. Both are very similar in construction. One difference is that Demeyere Industry 5 is a little thicker and possibility a little more even heating and able to retain more heat. Both are high quality cookware.

Since they are so similar in many ways, I am going to point out some minor differences. M’Cook sidewall comes up more shallow and Industry 5 pan sidewall comes up more steep. In addition, M’ Cook handle has rivets

and Industry 5 handle does not use rivets.

For some people, this is an important difference.

Hi alxn54,

I completely redid my collection of pots and pans for induction more than five years ago with an early commitment to demeyere, but ended up with only one demeyere piece–an egg poacher.

I only had to heft the proline once to make a final decision, and Industry is better, but is it only between Industry and MCook? In addition to several different lines of All Clad, I’ve done very well with pieces from WS Thermoclad, and Hestan nanobond–my favorite 28 cm fry pan.

I know it is difficult, but seeing the product face to face can be a radical decision changer… I believe that there are at least five other manufacturers that could work as well as the two you have chosen to compare.


Thank you. From a looks perspective, I prefer the shape of Mauviel, but that’s purely aesthetic. The rivetless design of the Demeyere is nice though! Decisions decisions.

Thanks. All-Clad was actually the first brand I considered but then I held one in person and couldn’t stand the handles. I hadn’t considered Thermoclad or Hestan but will take a look. Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere locally to handle the Industry 5 or M’Cook.

I own the Mauviel M’Cook 11" / 28cm pan. I like it. Even distribution of heat, ease to clean. I cook on induction top. The rivets do not bother me. Love the design. M’Cook’s side-wall is more slanting than Industry, and the handle is rather long. Haven’t tried the other pan. I think it’s important to see and feel the pans in real for decisions if you can test it in a shop.

Maybe buy both online and return the one you don’t want to keep.

In the United States, the only place that displays demeyere is Sur La Table. Thermoclad and Hestan are at Williams-Sonoma. You might find Le Creuset SS at the Le Creuset discount store or Sur La Table.

There are at least five or six European lines that are outstanding–but hard to look at, and no US support… The more you look at face to face, the better you’ll know yourself.

Besides, it’s fun!


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I’d been considering this and may end up doing so!

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