Mauviel Coming to Costco?

At the IHA show yesterday, I saw a Mauviel USA executive huddled with a high-level Costco rep.

Just sayin’.

That could be exciting. Should have sent over a drink to help smooth the deal :wink:


That would be nice but I wonder about the quality. I believe companies make stuff specifically for Coscto as they do for the outlet stores.

Costco had small Sitram Catering sets a few years back, but this would be on another level, provided the quality is there. I won’t be too excited if it’s just the 150 line. Sitram had never done packaged sets, but put together an “essential set” of 3-4 pans just for Costco. I wonder if this will be something similar, like 2-3 pans packaged together. I could see a sauté and a small stocker/DO with a swing lid or something like that.

I noticed that Sitram is distributed in USA by Frieling. Kinda strange.

I don’t find that odd. Most individual cookware brands now have an umbrella corporation over them that offer a portfolio of say a half a dozen brands. Sitram is more commercial market targeted, but still doesn’t have much name recognition and probably needs to buddy up with other brands, more than say Emile Henry or Staub does. Both of those company’s for better or worse are not stand alone anymore either, as you probably know.

Yes, and Frieling is totally dissimilar to Zwilling. It would make more sense if Sitram buddied with Groupe SEB.

Well yeah Frieling is more like a Matfer Bourgeat commercial. Big Restaurant supply house lines and all I don’t know it makes pretty good sense to me.

Still don’t get BTW why restaurant supply houses sell the high end Copperware like Bourgeat and De Buyer that can’t be targeted that much to restaurants and most likely appeals to the home cook

Regarding Mauviel in Costco. I think they will just be trying to move thier lower end but basic decent quality lines that might never had really taken off. Some “M” whatever They will probably repackage it somehow to appeal to the Costco masses
I highly doubt Costco will be carrying any of the good Mauviel copperware or anything.

There are plenty of restaurants that buy and use copperware. I documented 7 of the top 10 restaurants on 2015 La Liste using it. Why wouldn’t a resto supply house carry it?

BTW, Frieling had a large booth at the IHHS show 2 weeks ago. This is a consumer goods show only–no resto/commercial vendors. So they’re deep into both markets.

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