Mauviel 1830 copper cookware - now sold in my local supermarket :-)

So I just read through this weeks special offers in our local supermarket in Copenhagen, a supermarket called Fotex. It’s not fancy by any means, but has a good butcher.

Must say I got surprised when I saw they will sell Mauviel (thin) copper cookware in August as part of special sales campaign.

I think it’s the Mauviel 1830 thin copper cookware line (1 mm copper or even less) - but still it’s pretty good going for a supermarket to sell Mauviel copper cookware, or is it a sign of how Mauviel seem to have dropped in brand recognition over the last few years ?

I still love my Mauviel cookware and use it almost daily (mostly my M’Cook, but also my M250c pans)

What’s the world coming to ?

My local supermarket sells Mauviel copper cookware :laughing:


Wow that’s amazing. So, what are some of the prices?

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No prices as of yet. Just the announcement.

But it’s part of their ‘gold mark campaign’ where you have to collect gold marks (or is it called gold stamps in English, I don’t know) each time you buy there and then with the right number of gold marks you can get the pans for a very reasonable price.

Last month they sold Zwilling pans and without the gold marks they were priced quite normal, but with the gold marks you could get a sauce pan for 195,- dkr ($28), which was far below normal price, like 25% of normal price or even cheaper.

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