Matzoh Ball Soup Success

My first try at matzoh ball soup produced the best version I’ve ever had. it was glorious.

I took the carcass of a Peruvian rotisserie chicken (which we ate as takeout.) and put in a stock pot, filled it with water and made a stock. No other added ingredients.

I put it in the fridge, skimmed the fat, and used it the next day.

When it was time to make the soup, I cooked the stock with celery and carrot and made the matzoh balls. I didn’t measure carefully, and it probably came out runnier than I was expecting. The first ball formed just fine, but the subsequent ones were larger and misshapen.

I also added some raw thinly sliced chicken breast to the stock when I put the meatballs in.

Didn’t matter about the shape. The stock was rich and the matzoh balls fluffy. Sometimes I strike gold on the first attempt, and then I find it hard to duplicate. In this case, I think I will be able to replicate.


If I have leftover matzo balls, I swear I will eat them cold out of the fridge like little apples…

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I … what? I’m not sure I understand the concept.


I make a lot of matzoh balls at a time, so I do have leftovers. You can eat them with horseradish if you don’t feel like having soup.

Also plain, out of the fridge

Which is what I do.

Sorry I missed that you already said that :joy:

(Last time I made enough for two generous rounds of matzoh balls in soup plus a few to snack on, and I can’t remember even getting to a second round in soup…)

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I have done this. But I try to prep things at least a little, if only to slow myself down. The other day I ate half an avocado while standing over the sink.

Floaters or sinkers?

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Floaters, always. Which means you have to boil them for like 90:00.

I like them both!

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Yes, it’s like the yin and yang of Matzoh Ball-ness.

I’m inclusive. :joy:

My mother gave me a folder with printed Pesach recipes decades ago. The recipe calls for the matzoh balls to be cooked in the soup for twenty minutes.

Very different.