Matsutake (松茸) Gohan (Pine Mushroom Rice)

Hi all. This is the season for Matsutake (松茸), and you may see them in your local Japanese supermarket. They are highly regarded mushroom in Japanese cuisine and are fairly expensive – ranging from $40 to $99 per pound. The below four mushrooms cost a little more than $20.
Like truffles, the cooking of matsutake should be kept as simple as possible to focus and preserve its natural flavor.

  1. ~100 gram of matsutake mushrooms
  2. Lightly wash and clean the mushrooms and cut off any hard stem.
  3. Slice and season the mushrooms with soy sauce and sake
  4. Meanwhile prepare dashi (だし, 出汁)
  5. Cook 1-1.5 cup of short grain rice in dashi, adding sake, mirin and soy sauce, and place the seasoned matsuke mushrooms on top of the rice
  6. Cook and serve

    Simple yet very delicious

To put it more simply. Rice cooked in dashi with matsutake mushrooms on top


I may try to see if they are available in the Japanese shop. What’s your recipe for homemade dashi? Also if matsutake is not available, what other mushrooms can be used? Thanks.

Hey, I was just at a Japanese supermarket and took this photo


For regular mushrooms, it is better to use more ingredients. I will share a recipe for regular mushrooms

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Hi Naf,

For regular mushroom rice, here is a good link.

For my recipe, there is no absolute defined ingredients, but my is based on:

  1. mushrooms (1 type, or 2 types)
  2. a small carrot – slice the carrot
  3. chicken – chopped up to bits

Of course, you can add other ingredients depending on the seasonal vegetables. Adding winter bamboo shoot or autumn chestnuts have great symbolism.

Matsutake mushroom is unique and highly regarded, so for matsutake rice, you would want to only focus on matsutake. Best wish.


Oh yes. Your other question about dashi. As you know there are several ways to make dashi. The one I make the most often is kombu kelp with bonito flake.
800 mL water
7-8 gram of kombu kelp
15 gram of bonito flakes

Kombi kelp soak in water for 20+ min, and then add low heat and then medium heat. Once the water starts to boil, immediately remove kombu and add bonito flake. Bring to boil again and then turn off the heat. Depending on the thickness of the bonito flakes. It ranges from 10 seconds to 2-3 min. Finally, drain the broth through a sleeve strainer or a cheese cloth.


Oh! Looks like there’s enough for you to buy all of it and send us all some. Just sayin’… :wink:

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Ha ha ha. I did buy another one (so far three purchases this year), but all for myself. Now, joking aside, it does seem like there is enough of a customer base for selling this high end mushrooms. I suppose the same reason for Eately selling fresh truffles.


Very true. I hope I find some, I’ll be looking.

A few farmers from Oregon are selling them.

Reminds me of finding matsutakes in the secret hills of fort bragg , ca . Of course with the local friends 30 years experience. Know the spots. They kind of messed with me . No , the mushrooms

Wait… your friends messed with you? Or the mushrooms messed with you?