Mason Sandwich Co. Mill Road...Eastchester, NY

I spotted this place driving by today

The menu looks fantastic, something for everyone, prices seem very fair :slight_smile:
It almost seems as if someone has been listening
I’m going to stop in as soon as possible…
If anyone gets there before me, please post…

As soon as possible turned out to be a couple of hours after my original post.
I met my sister for a quick bite…

The owners, also the chefs are two young brothers who know their way around a kitchen.
They are friendly as well as talented…the additional staff is fun and accommodating
but still professional …Nobody took themselves too seriously …and I
mean that in the very best of ways … so refreshing :))))

The food is unique to the immediate area, beautifully prepared but not so
over the top that it would not appeal to the masses.

I ordered the olive oil poached tuna sandwich, usually served with chips, they ran out, I had the house
cured pickles instead which were a perfect accompaniment.
The tuna was delicious the flavors and textures were perfectly balanced, it was beyond generous
in size … half was more than enough
I’m too lazy/tired to write a detailed description you can
refer to the menu for that, I will say that nothing needed to be tweaked…no salt or pepper
or any other condiment was necessary.
We were served a complimentary amuse of a tuna tartar and a tuna
in a wasabi honey crema both were really delicious. If the latter was
on the menu I would order it regularly.

My sister had and the arugula salad with shrimp, and took a tomato soup to go,
she loved everything I didn’t try it so can’t comment.
I will definitely go back to work my way through the menu.

As usual, chowdom, great foodie pics.

Looks interesting. Thanks.

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You made me so hungry. Are you using a camera in a phone for these? Great pix. And those pickles look sooooo good! Place looks great. I don’t get down that way much but I will give it a try when I do.

Sounds great, will give it a try. Is that the space that previously housed that faux Philly Cheese Steak store?


Tough parking, though, right? At least for free. I think there’s a residential area a few blocks away.

WCG…I use an iPhone 6s, but was much happier with the camera in the note 2
the pickles were really, really good perfectly balanced sweet/sour nothing overpowered

gureactions…this is in fact the spot that the philly cheese steak, chubbys ,falafel stores occupied.

primosprimos…I was there at 7pm, the meters are not in effect at that time,every spot on the block was available.

I was told that they are getting a nice lunch crowd, my guess is that they are trying to build dinner, also
they will also be adding breakfast soon…

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Excellent. Thank you, chowdom.

Great shots. You have an eye for it. I want pickles!

I saw this today…

We went back on Saturday…

House made chips are addictive
wings wasabi/honey
porchetta with braised broccoli rabe, salsa verde, provolone
skirt steak with Charred spring onions, sweet soy, sesame
The guys are busy tweaking/expanding the menu

Man, do they look good. They should hire you to do PR.:grin:

Do they have tables or is it takeout only?

Ha… some of the tables are featured in one of the pics I posted
Tables also run down the wall opposite the counter
We have only eaten there, thus far
I have not been to Fortina yet but I would love to know what the
fans of Fortina here think of Mason

I had to post these pictures to make up for that God awful pic of the
crackly buttermilk fried chicken on a potato bun with spicy maple sauce
the Journal news published…no disrespect to the Journal news… but
what were you thinking.

Don’t go in looking for the tuna tartar or the tuna sahimi :cry:
Apparently the tuna was over ordered that day
and we were the lucky recipients of the “extra” tuna
it was a one shot wonder

Thanks, Chowdom. And once again, you are making me hungry. I’ll need to take a trip to Eastchester!

Thank you…
I don’t want to overstay my welcome on this thread
but I want to note for the “parking concerned”,
the Town has granted permission to Mason customers
to park in their lot across the street (no meters)
after business hours week days and any time on weekends.
Be sure to look both ways when crossing … :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks, chowdom, and I don’t think anyone can overstay their welcome anywhere in our new home.


I stopped by today, the first day I have been out of hospital and bed in five weeks. I had the Muffaletta and a side of their pickles. All was very good, especially the house pickles, and the house giardiniera on the muffaletta.


The chef/owner Lou is playing with the Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms from my Micro-Forest Farm to use for several items on the menu.

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I had lunch today with a friend
We shared a plate of shishto peppers
nicely charred slightly smokey with just a hint of sweetness.
The peppers could have stood on their own, but a healthy drizzle of aioli
made them just that much more special.

My friend had the porchetta broccoli rabe mozz sandwich,
which was saturated in savory pork drippings, she devoured it.
Through out the meal she repeatedly thanked me for turning her on to the
I had the zucchini parm with ricotta, possibly my favorite
sandwich so far… I usually go for big in your face flavors…this
sandwich is just the opposite…almost ethereal in its simplicity
fresh ingredients subtle flavors lite but also very filling.
I asked for cheese and red pepper on the side when I placed my order because
I always do when I order anything parm. The house
roasted chili pepper was a welcome delicious surprise.

What I noticed today was that every single person in there was
happy and really into their food. The crowd was diverse.
Children were well mannered, adults friendly and approachable.
Good food at work bringing folks together … it doesn’t get better than that IMO.