Marrakesh - one meal, possibly two - hit me !


Due to what can only be described as ‘taking leave of my senses’ I will be doing a bit of Sahara trekking in the near future. This leaves two possible meal ( lunch/dinner ) opportunities in Marrakesh.
I have no clue about the food ‘scene’, choice or anything much there…
Any recs at all ?

Cheers ( and apologies for advertising my ignorance )

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An evening meal (or three) from the vendors in the Djemaa el-Fna Square night market is the one truly unmissable food experience of Marrakesh, or anywhere in Africa IMO. You may not get the greatest food you ever had in your life, but it will be tasty and interesting, and you’ll have a great time.

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We used to take leave of our senses regarding travel more often pre-spring onion/kid days. We’re doing our best to teach him to lose his senses but it’s a shadow of what we used to do. I’m envious.

B has been to Marrakech many moons ago. He felt a lot of pressure from touts but things could be quite different now. He doesn’t remember the food well - he wasn’t yet indoctrinated in the food scene.

It has been far too many years since I have been there to have any useful recommendations but Morocco is what I call a Good Food Country - hard to go wrong, I never had a bad meal there. Have a fabulous trip!!

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I did the snail soup at Djemaa el-Fna when we traveled there 10 years ago. One of those local delicacies. It was a bit of a weird taste to me since that was the first time i tried that. But its interesting to eat at the open square in the evening, with many food stalls, hawkers and performers. Foodwise its not particularly great but you should at the very least experience it.

Where are you doing your sahara trek- Merzouga? Not in Marrakesh, but on your way to Merzouga, have had some amazing goat in a non-descript shop in a little town called Agdz. Not the prep, but just the goat itself was delicious.

Hey everyone

Thank you so much for your help, as ever.
Will definitely try to check out that square.
Our itinerary is summarised here

Group travel so not that adventurous really :slight_smile:

Hello folks. I’m officially unadventurous, it would seem. We went to the Djemaa el-Fna square at night, albeit having already eaten somewhere nonedescript organised as part of our holiday. I’m glad we had already eaten as I’ve literally never been as forcibly (and physically ) hassled to go and eat in places as we were as we walked around the Square.

Much more enjoyable the following day when we went and ate on the terrace above the Photography museum.

This was the best tagine we had on the trip - a lot of the pothers seemed to have super overcooked the vegetables…but perhaps that is the style ? Or the fact that we were trekking ?

Anyway thnaks as ever for all the help - glad we went to the Square at night…just dont think I ll rush back :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I missed your original post, I was travelling in Kenya at the time. I would have warned you away from Djemaa el-Fna (we were there last June). For future reference, we had good meals at our riad (La Maison Arabe, open for lunch and dinner to those not staying there). In regular restaurants, the best meals we had were at Nomad (overlooking the spice market) and at Terrace d’Epices nearby. I liked the low-key meal I had at Amal, a women’s collective. Grand Café de la Poste is a little too colonial-looking for my taste, but the seafood appetizers were good.

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