Amazing goat and amusing chat at Agdz, Morocco

This was from a few years ago, but we were travelling in the boonies in Morocco. We pulled into a small and remote town late at night, couldn’t find our planned hotel and did not know what was for dinner. We showed up at the town square, eventually eyeing the little cafe (name unknown) that had the the most locals gathering inside. Location: 30°41’37.3"N 6°26’52.6"W

We settled down, ordered our goat tajines. Owner said that the goats were from the mountains around the area and were very fresh. I ordered a small coke. Owner told me they only had the large size. I told him I would skip the coke. He told me he now had the small size :slight_smile: .

The tajines arrived. We digged in, hungry after a long drive. We looked at each other after taking the first bite. That was simply the best goat we had tasted anywhere, and is still the best goat we have tasted. Who would have guessed that a non-descript cafe in the middle of nowhere would serve that up? The tajines were ok, but the goat was simply unforgettable. Alice Waters would be proud of the quality of this goat.

We finished our meal, paid our bills. The owner proceeded to ask us if we had any medicines with us. Any western medicines, e.g. Ibuprofen, etc. We were a bit confused at first. He then invited us to his souvenir shop across the street, where he showed us his wares and offered to trade his stuff for our medicines. Apparently in these remote areas, quality medicines we take for granted in the developed world were in short supply and were prized. Unfortunately we left our medicine bag at the hotel and couldn’t help the gentleman out. He was quite persistent and tried quite hard to see if he could trade for some medicines, even though we didn’t speak Arabic or French and he barely spoke English.

I forgot the details of many trips over the years, but this is one that stayed with me.

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Found the name:

P.S. This originally was written not as a restaurant review, but as a travel story when there was a travel board.