Marmite! Yes/No? What do you do with it?

(SP1) #1
  1. Yes. I really like the stuff.

  2. Toast, of course. But I also use it as a sort of secret ingredient. Soups, stews, & chili. Also as a glaze for baked chicken.

Anyone else?

(John Hartley) #2

Don’t like it.

On the other hand, it’s one of Mrs Harters’ favourite breakfasts, lightly smeared on toast.


Love the stuff. I enjoy it on toast with butter, sometimes with an egg on top.

But I also find that it’s a great way to add a big hit of umami; a spoonful stirred in has the same sort of effect as worchestershire sauce, but far more savory. I once made a recipe of potatoes glazed with a Marmite sauce, and wish I still had it, because it was pretty great.

( :@)) :@)) ) #4

It’s OK if Bovril is absolutely not an option. I like both (preferably Bovril) on warm toast with a slice of aged cheese. It would taste gross with non aged/rubber cheese, btw.

Bring a Bovril jar with me on my travels, too!

(SP1) #5

Yes, and unlike worchestershire, Marmite won’t offend the vegetarians.

I have yet try Bovril.



Not in a house, not with a mouse.


I just bought some, with the idea to add umami flavor to whatever I’m cooking. I haven’t opened it yet. Should it be refrigerated or is it ok in the pantry?

And I love it on toast, with butter!

(SP1) #8

No need to refrigerate, even after opening. Marmite will keep in the pantry, well, pretty much forever.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #9

That’s good, because we keep our (unopened, small) jar of marmite on our souvenir shelf–one small, typical item from every country we visit.

(Lauren) #10

Love Marmite on either buttered toast or Marmite sandwiches. Not too much of it though. It’s a British thing so as the ad says you either love it or hate it.


I love the stuff! I always have a jar of Marmite and Vegemite in the house. I know we’re supposed to vehemently choose sides but I genuinely like both. If I could only take one on a desert island, it would be Vegemite but only because I grew up in Australia.

I love the usuals that have already been mentioned: on buttered toast soldiers dipped in soft boiled egg, as an addition to stews/chilis, on a cheese sandwich (cold or hot), ditto on the chicken glaze mentioned above.

I also like to stir it into hot water and drink it or make a sauce of melted butter and Marmite/Vegemite to toss with pasta - must have parmisan as well for this dish. I like to place little dots of it on a toasted bagel with cream cheese. Smear a little on your bread before loading it up with egg salad. This always seems to gross people out but I love it with a peanut butter and lettuce sandwich - throw in some cheese in there and Woohoo! I almost always add a touch to gravy. Try mixing it in with melted butter and then drizzling on popcorn. SO GOOD!

(SP1) #12

Thanks for the popcorn suggestion! Sounds great.

My biggest problem with Marmite is that it is so sticky. Makes it incredibly difficult to spread or mix with another product.