Market research, chocolate survey (survey now closed)

hi HOs,

I’m taking a small business marketing class and need to do some market research. I’m pretty sure most of you are my ideal customers :smile: I put together a short survey about chocolate, please take a minute and let me know your preferences.

thank you!

I completed this survey, but found it a bit confusing. At first I thought questions with an asterisk allowed multiple answers. Except every question had an asterisk, but not every question allowed multiple responses. If I hadn’t noticed that, the single-answer questions would have reflected my last choice, not my best choice.

I’m not familiar with SurveyNuts, but I think they or you need to tweak a bit to make it clear which questions are multi-answer and which are single answers.


Agreed. But for me it automatically moved on when only option was allowed. Though one question asked for a single answer but allowed multiple …

And the icon question at the end looped and allowed me to do it at least 2 times.

Good luck.


Thanks for your feedback, I don’t know what the asterisk is for.

Definitely didn’t move on for me after one response.

Maybe try instead? It seems a more mature solution to web surveys. (And no, I have no personal interest in either site :wink:

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Just scroll down, and answer all the questions.

Oh I answered all the questions.

For me, it didn’t automatically move on when only one answer was allowed. It allowed me to give multiple answers to each question, but only accepted multiple answers for certain questions. This would lead me to be, at least, suspect of the results.

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I answered the questions . hope it helps

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Done. Good wishes.

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To be honest, I missed the first class but the notes I received said to put together a survey, so that was my attempt. I won’t pretend to be a professional survey writer :slight_smile: But yes some questions accept multiple answers and others don’t. I’d just like to show up to the next class looking like I at least tried to do my homework! And maybe your answers will help steer me in one direction or another as I consider the great unknown (to me) that is marketing.


Done. I didnt get beyond thinking that only one answer was required.


Done w one answer per question.

I answered on an iphone so the “auto-advance” could have been a function of platform.

But a question that I’d be curious to hear the results from - how many of you had heard of which of those brands of chocolate?

I hadnt heard of any.

Me neither: But, done!

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I always have Theo dark chocolate in my stash, and I’d heard of Frans (famed Seattle chocolatier) only due to my research annually for chocolate shock and awe for my two sisters in law. I chose Veruca last Xmas.

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WBN and Fairway have some of Theo’s bars. WBN has dark chocolate with ginger lately. Really good.

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I’m going to Fairway tomorrow for olive oil, so will check the chocolate section too! Did you see my post about chocolate being one of the healthiest foods in the universe ;- ? Now I have a good excuse to indulge.

They are all based in Seattle (as am I). I believe Theo has pretty wide distribution across the US, Fran’s is also a big company (famous for Obama loving her chocolate covered salted caramels) but may be more regional. The others are small artisans that I would be surprised if anyone outside of Western WA had heard of.

I checked the results - a few votes for Frans and Theo and surprisingly one other person besides me has heard of two of the tiny ones. But mostly none of the above on that question.

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