Mark Wiens: MOSCOW Ultimate Russian Food in Moscow Sturgeon Of Kings + Epic Beef Stroganoff in Russia

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Hey Zippo1: haven’t got to that one but have been watching his Thai episodes. Do like his food travels and his yummy face but not too much with his travel segments. Don’t really care about fancy hotels and food.I find it much more interesting and exotic when Mark finds out of the way unusual places. Did you like his Russian Moscow segment?


I did like all four or so segments of his Moscow trip which included 80-year-old traditional places in period-piece settings, several subway stations and the wide range of the dishes he tried. I can see why it’s about 40 minutes, longer than his usual 25-minute episodes.

Thanks Zippo1, will check it out.

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Zippo1 if you have one which M.W. segment is your favorite?

Hi Foodhunter,

I don’t have a single favorite but did really like the Pakistani street food and Hunza Valley videos from a little over a year ago.

Also the Black Sea, Transylvania, Romania videos from about 2 months ago since that is an area rarely covered.

Thanks Zippo1,
I just watched simple dumplings legendary BBQ in Austin, Franklin’s versus blacks. If you like barbecue and that doesn’t make your mouth water I don’t know what will. The beef rib footages is awesome!
I’m all over the place with marks segments do like most of them don’t really care for his travel segments with the hotels, don’t really care about hotels. Hi this is our hotel room this is our bathroom so it has a little kitchenette bores the crap out of me.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Many but not all of his hotel segments are on a separate youtube channel called “Mark Abroad,” not the regular “Mark Wiens” channel and they might be sponsored or ads or affiliated links whereby he gets a commission.

Not one to let grass grow under their feet, the Wiens family is cooking from home With travel footage. Several like this:

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