Marinades, favorites and their use

During the holiday, my brother marinated a whole fish in this and it was very tasty.

1/2 cup Asian pear juice (or if you cant find it, apple juice)
3 tablespoons white miso
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon mirin
3 cloves garlic
1/2-inch peeled ginger, chopped

Which got me thinking about marinades that really make the dish memorable and just plain work.

What’s your favorite and how do you use it?


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What fish was he cooking? And which method he used to cook the fish?!

I sometimes do it with meat, but never with fish. We usually like to keep it simple to taste the fish. But why not?

Oh it’s day and night for most dishes, but need planning ahead. Or if you have a marinating container, then you just need to do it 20 minutes before cooking.

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Sea bass and he’s got a steaming box he uses.

I use pineapple juice to marinade my sate babe but pear juice ( and if I cannot find pear juice, I use whole pear easily shredded up in my food processor for Korean Charcoal Beef. I was told that it really tenderizes the beef. A Korean friend told me Kiwi also works.

I have never marinaded my fish. If fresh they are sweet allowing the flavor of the fish shine enhanced by theI marinade just before cooking.
One of our favorite is steaming a fish whole ( Yes whole for presentation . I do have a huge round double decker aluminum steamer for crabs, steaming siopao or chinese sticky rice and for fish if I do not mind cutting a big fish into 2 pieces and reassemble the fish after it is cooked for my family but I also have a rectangular steamer for a whole large fish , the kind they use in buffet which I prefer to use for presentation when I have guest. My 40 year old 62" vulcan range was custom made for me so that there is a 24" flat plancha like compartment for steaming or poaching fish so that I do not have to straddle on 2 of the cast iron plate which means no electric element between the plates as this plancha has electric element thruout. So, mainly, scatter smashed ginger, scallions , garlic black beans all over including the cavity and inside the head, soy sauce, cider vinegar, shaoxng wine, mirin , sesame oil all over and steam until the fish lose its translucency Usually 14 minutes after the water start boiling. The timing depends on the thickness of the fish. Our favorite is fluke( summer flounder ) or red snapper. I usually ask the fish monger to clean it , slash a pocket cavity for spices. I would score the fish a few times so that the marinade gets inside the fish.