Marguerite's Quick Texas Chili

My grandmother Marguerite wasn’t renowned for her cooking. My mother’s mother, she is second only to my own mom as an influence in my early life.

Anyway, one of the few dishes for which I remember her was her chili.

She served it with french fries. No cheese. No onions. No beans.

I make it to this day some forty years after she passed away and like it as a topping on hot dogs, as Frito pie, tamale casserole, gravy for cheese enchiladas and my very favorite way, a spoonful at a time out of the pot.

So I had mentioned it on a regional bard and our pal from across the pond Farley Flavors asked for the recipe and so here 'tis.

Marguerite’s Quick Texas Chili

Two pounds ground chuck, (80/20)
Two Heaping Tbs Flour
Four Heaping Tbs Chili Powder, (Gebhardt’s preferred)
Salt to taste

Brown beef in a pan. When well browned, sprinkle in flour and allow to brown. You’re basically using the beef fat to make a roux. Add one and one-half cups of water and stir in chili powder and simmer until thick.

That’s it.

Now, since I’ve never been one to leave well enough alone, I have made a couple slight modifications along the way.

I usually will add half of a finely diced onion about halfway through the browning process and then about a heaping tbs of ground cumin just before adding the flour.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure it’s even an improvement though.

Takes about half an hour from opening the fridge door to closing the dishwasher door.

(Luvya Mags.)

Wow! That really is as you described it - “as simple as can be”.

Since I’ve got half a tub of Gebhardt’s chili powder left over I should really give this a go. The only difficulty is finding 80/20 ground beef around these parts.

Can’t help you with sourcing the “mince”, but what’s a “tub” of Gebhardt’s?

My “tbs” is “tablespoon”. (Please don’t use a “tub” of anything for this recipe!) :smiley:

P.S. I note above that my grandmother served this with french fries. I’ve used this chili to make Texas Poutine with fries, chili, cheese and onions.

Good stuff.

Don’t worry, I know what “tbs” means. I guess I should have said “pot of Gebhardt’s”. :slight_smile:

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