Mar Belo Restaurant/Lounge - Long Branch

I think I am going to add scissors, along with the butter warmers and cold butter shaver, to my must bring to restaurant kit. Scissors should take care of it, no? It seems more civilized than lobster crackers in a dining room.

Ribeye came with decent Spanish Potatoes and a kind of cole slaw. Would not order again and I have had other good steaks here. $32.

Have you seen that beast of a tomahawk ribeye they serve?

Have not, but always prefer on the bone; steak, chicken, fish, chops, ribs…

I didn’t even know this was a thing until today, this man is taking things to a new level!

I usually bring my own scissors to Chinese buffets for the crab, learned the butter warmer trick from @corvette_johnny!

The ac guys are here already. Hopefully this won’t take all day and I can come to the Mongolian fest :slight_smile:

My parents power went out last night so I got like an hours worth of sleep with my dad pacing around the house. Sigh

Butter warmer is a game changer Joon

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@corvette_johnny you’ve seen both tomahawk ribeyes from Mar Belo and Butcher’s Block. Which do you think is better?

I have no clue Dave. They both have some impressive pics. I’m not sure if the mar belo ribeyes are aged.

Has anyone tried steak night at mar belo? @KAOSKitchen

Sounds good…

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@KAOSKitchen “I have to learn how to eat Lobster and Crab in shell.”

Easy peasy. You pass your plate to your SO and they shell it out for you.


Great Portuguese food. Reminds me of the great places down-neck in Newark, NJ. The sangria kept flowing and the food was awesome. Classics like shrimp in garlic sauce, chourico and calamari. Halibut done perfectly. Nice skirt steaks and a unique Quail special.

Finished off with great espresso and Sambuca!

Service was perfect by Jorge.

This is definitely now a regular stop for us

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold