Mar Belo Restaurant/Lounge - Long Branch

Prime 60oz Tomahawk Steak

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Wow…nice! How much?

One of the comments says that is on for tonight. That is all that I know. I have dined at the restaurant several times & hope to someday have a party in the party room.

Nice…I forgot about this place, I wanted to give it a try a year or two ago when it opened. About 15 years ago it use to be a decent Italian restaurant, it was good place to go when you didn’t want to be seen. Thanks for the reminder!

I found this on google. They are apricot brandy pork chops. Does anyone know anything about them?

Interesting serving style.


I’ve seen meat served that way before…in a rodizio, maybe? It allows the juices to drip (obviously), but I don’t know if it’s specific to any particular kind of cuisine. @BossaNova any idea?

Notice the large base. This doesnt look too portable (ie I don’t think a guy is toting that thing around from table to table.)

I’ve had a ton of rodizio and I’ve never seen a set up like that. Hopefully someone has some info or I will have to go order a tomahawk and a skewer of pork chops :wink:

Let me know when you want to go I’m game! Regarding the pic I think that’s a single order, based on the sides being served on a separate plate I say that’s it! They bring it to the table and you devour it.

That looks like it is a kabob and then brought to the table like that

I believe Seabra’s Marisqueira in Newark serves their Espetada de Carne/ Beef and Sausage Kebab in that manner. I’ve never had it but have seen skewers served to others.

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Just tell me when! I wonder if the tomahawks are weekend only?

Is that some garlic on the bottom of that pan?

Now that I analyze it more it is definitely not rodizio. There is no way that tiny metal skewer is going to not slide off that metal pan when go to slice it at different tables

Also notice the position of the tongs. They are wedged in there. This means the table is most likely in charge of those and not the gaucho. Also take note of the onion. If this was a Rodizio skewer the onion would have been toasted up, if not caramelized completely, and the Rodizio skewers are wider to “notch” into the spit and turn while cooking.

So my conclusion is, this is definitely a table side delight but I’m trying to figure out the purpose of the setup. I honestly don’t care but I’m intrigued. It looks cool as hell. I will be trying this asap! I’m down for a meat reconnaissance mission once General @NotJrvedivici gives orders.

I wonder how the juice on the plate is? Maybe the purpose is to mop that up with some good Portuguese bread?

If that plate on the bottom is hot and cooking that garlic up, the stakes have just been raised!

@joonjoon talk to me

I’ve been trying to remember what I’ve had that was served this way; it was definitely shrimp. For the life of me, I can’t remember WHERE, but maybe somewhere in the Ironbound, where I’ve only done rodizio once in my life–I’d much rather eat Spanish or Portuguese food there!

100% correct. I ate at the bar at Seabra’s last night and saw that contraption across from us.

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Marisqueria. YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! That’s exactly where I had it! Thanks for helping my brain! :slight_smile:

Seabra’s is our one of our go-to places when in the Ironbound. The other is Casa Vasca which Spanish rather than Portuguese. Mr. Bean usually orders the Acorda de Mariscos/Dry Soup. I don’t have a “regular”.

@CurlzNJ I’m guessing you had the Espetada de Mariscos.

Now Im hungry.

OF COURSE you also go to Casa Vasca! That’s my first love in the Ironbound. I knew I liked you… :heart_eyes:

(But the bar at Marisqueria is my #2)

Interesting. Can you elaborate on this at all? I’m still perplexed and want to learn more about this. Even if it is a novelty, it still looks pretty damn cool!

The presentation is mostly a restaurant novelty, but you are correct that the juices are meant to be soaked up by the Portuguese bread.

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