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For the record it is not the apricot brandy pork chops but rather the shish-kebab. It is beef, chorizo, shrimp, peppers and onions. Bad news: no tomahawk on the menu.

We started with garlic shrimp appetizer which was very good but a little salty. Wife has the garlic chicken which was very good, served in a brown garlic gravy, it looked odd but tasted very good.

The shish-kebab was very good as well. The plate on the bottoms is to catch the butter, juices and garlic as it falls from the kebab.

Desert was a Spanish custard (name escapes me) and was very good. The dining room is very comfortable with jazz music and an in wall faux fireplace in the background. Service was very good.

This is much quieter and a bit fancier than Fernandes however I would have to give Fernandes the edge on the food. Especially given the extensive menu they have compared to here.

This could be a Ho’down location for a future get together. Actually just saw them bring a tomahawk out to show another table, server faux-pas!!

I’ll definitely come back.

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Was that FLAN that you had for dessert??

No, but now you made me look it up; serradura! Lol It came in a little jar with a crumbled cookie crust on top.


Nice…so the mystery has been solved.

So you said that server brought out a ribeye but they told you they had none? I wonder why they didn’t sell you the last one.

I wasn’t going to order it tonight anyway, however I did look for it on the menu which it is not on. When the waitress didn’t offer it with the specials I figured they stopped carrying it, but as I sipped my excellent espresso I did see them bring a raw one on a platter to a table, so they do still have it.

The place was jumping for a Sunday night.

Yes it’s a special. It took me some time on the phone to get someone who spoke english well enough to understand my questions.

I predict a tomahawk is in my future!

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Flan (de Leche)



aka “Sawdust Pudding”

Serradura! That’s it!! Ours was not in a clear glass although the layering of the “sawdust” explains why there was an abundance of it!! lol

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Actually has its own wiki:

Has to be the easiest dessert to make, ever.

Whipped cream with condensed milk and crumbled cookies.

So may I ask why you passed on the tomahawk? I need to try both dishes

Just wasn’t in the mood for a massive steak. I had the awesome strip at One18 (the best $24. steak around) Saturday night.

Jeez I’m trying to lose weight and I keep seeing this awesome Jr steak footage. I think if I stay off this site I could lose a few more pounds lol


The struggle is real

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Whereas I figure I’m saving calories by reading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I read that drinking was bad for your health so I quit reading.


Went last night. Ordered the Mariscada with green sauce. Top notch!


We stopped in tonight and had the Mariscada Green as well. Tasty broth and good amount of seafood. I have to learn how to eat Lobster and Crab in shell. Not as enthused about the Ribeye special we ordered. Service very good.

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I will tell you how to demolish seafood for a few bites :smile:

What can you tell me about this ribeye?

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