Manhattan Walking Snacks


I’m planning a trip to NYC in May. I haven’t spent any significant amount of time in Manhattan in 10 years so I’m thinking I will spend a couple of days walking around and am looking for some culinary destinations - places where I can grab a snack or a light meal. Ideally they will be places with counter service or lots of takeout, rather than sit down meals, though willing to make some exceptions.

(I’ll also be spending time in Brooklyn with friends but since they live here I’ll defer to them on restaurants for that portion of my trip.)

Do folks have suggestions of places to grab a bite? So far I’m thinking about slices, bakeries, ice cream, sandwiches, bagels, but I eat pretty much everything delicious. I’m coming from SF, so we have a lot of dumplings and tacos, but I’m down with those too if there’s something particularly wonderful.

I’m probably staying in Soho or West Village but want to walk a lot and am willing to travel for good food, particularly if there are 2-3 places within walking distance of one another. Also likely going to hit an art museum or two, so could use recommendations near the Whitney, Guggenheim, or MoMA if you have those.



On the UES, when I visit the museums, I’ve enjoyed sit down meals at Café Sabarsky inside the Neue Galerie. I also have had coffee and cake at the Lady M location around East 70th and Madison.

I also like small meals and snacks as I walk around Manhattan. I haven’t been since 2019, so I’m out of the loop, but one of the small meals I remember from my last visit was the breakfast sandwich at the Sullivan St Bakery location on 9th Ave in Chelsea.

I will post to an ancient Manhattan snack thread on CH. The link will stop working in 3 weeks, but it’ll give you some ideas.
From 2008

My recent running thread for foods I like in Manhattan

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Falafal from Nish Nush (Tribeca), rice roll from Joe’s Rice Roll (Canal St.), pizza from Upside (Midtown West) or Scarr’s (Lower East Side) or Slice Joint (Lower East Side) or Mama’s Too (Morningside Heights), manousheh from Manousheh (Lower East Side), dosa from the Dosa Guy (Washington Square Park). To start you off.


Sabich from Nish Nush and Taim is on my list.

Also good ideas!

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Thank you, these look like amazing options

I googled and now I am drooling. Thank you.

Pie Bakery

Get the Kymadopita and a Freddo Espresso.

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I like Bar Room at the Modern (MOMA) for a splurge lunch.


If you’ll be by moma, that’s not far from rock center - Lodi is a good place for a quick snack, sweet or savory.

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I was there last fall

and the best walking snack was…be right back.

The unda chicken roll at Kati rolls!


The Pi bakery on Broome is close to Dominique Ansel on Spring , which has DKA Kouign Amann, Cronuts and other walking pastries.

I still like Doughnut Plant donuts, and grab them wherever I see them.

The Essex Market has a lot of small meals/walking snacks available



Oooh yeah, that sounds right up my alley.

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Yeah, very curious to try Dominique Ansel - I’ve had cronut knockoffs but never the real thing, and I love kouign amann.

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I was at Nish Nush today. What I tend to order all the time and like best there is their falafel trio and some of their soups (the red lentil today was nice). The sabich is the best thing I’ve had at Taim.

Is ice cream something you’re considering? I recommend Il Laboratorio del Gelato, which also has the virtue of being just across the street from Katz’s.


+1 on the sabich at taim. Also the cronut is good but definitely outweighed by the hype at this point…the DKA is great at Dominique Ansel though.


I forgot how much I like Zaragoza (East Village), and then I got a huitlachoche quesadilla there last night, and I remembered!


I think it should be UES (not UWS) which is where the “Museum Mile” is located.

Typo or Autocorrect issue- I will ask a Mod to change it. Thanks for catching that.