Manhattan jury duty (100 centre) eats?

any suggestions for lunch? I worked a lot in the fidi, will probably renew my love affair with sam’s falafel in liberty square (or whatever it’s called now) and there was a good biryani truck.

New (or old) places in Chinatown? Isn’t there a new-ish bahn mi joint? Other ideas? I’d also like to bring home a big bag of frozen dumplings, ideas?

The courthouse is perfectly located for lunch :joy:

The Vietnamese restaurant strip is right on the other side of the park along Mulberry – banh mi, rice rolls, rice crepes, and my fave cha gio. There are also a few Viet & Thai places a block up the other way on Baxter.

Unlce Lou is on Mulberry just up from the park - smallh, dave & I were the only ones that made that dinner, but it was good, and they probably have lunch specials.

The super cheapie dumpling place is on Mosco (Fried Dumpling? the Thai grocery store is next to it, if you want to pop in). PDH is right around the corner from there on Mott as is Ping’s.

Plus of course everything on Bayard - the old Shanghai Cafe (I think) still exists with a different name (they used to have my 2nd favorite soup dumplings), there are a couple of rice roll places (Yin Ji Chang Feng, Tonii’s), and so on.

I want this right now.

i want most of what i mentioned

way to have your jury duty make me hungry, @vinouspleasure


This is a good way to drive civic engagement.


thanks! I swore off the place on mosco after I ordered 12 dumplings and they were all stuck together, the dough not cooked through at the connection points. the hong kong cafe on bayard has great lunch specials, I’ll probably go there one day. I like the soup dumplings at shanghai cafe, good idea! I wrote about my tonii’s experience here, not quite ready to head back.

ya know, I haven’t been to wo hops since I was in a college. we were at a bar about 150 miles from chinatown, it was just past midnight, a friend turned to me, chugged his beer and said “wo hops?”. Seriously, I’m lucky to be alive. So maybe wo hops for old times sake.

I haven’t been to Shu Jiao Fu Zhou in ages…thinking that’s gotta be in the mix.

For a sandwich, try Banh Mi Co Ut; for a sitdown, consider Green Garden Village, nearby. (From the latter, a roast pig on rice lunch plate.) When do you go on duty?

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thanks dave, that was the name of the banh mi joint I was fumbling for, haven’t been to ggv, the roast pig looks good! I start 9/6, hopefully for the sake of my waistline, I’ll be excused after a day or two.

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For the sake of a shared lunch, maybe they’ll hold you over just long enough …

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shared lunch? are you going to be in the area?

As of now September 6 and 7 are out, but perhaps I can swing September 8. In anticipation of a group dinner at Chuan Tian Xia on September 9, however, we might want to avoid a Sichuan lunch the day before.

Let’s keep each other posted on our schedules.

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Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - because, well, it’s ice cream

Bangkok Center Grocery – for some Thai snacks during those times when the lawyers request a recess with the judge.

Nish Nush - chili falafel burger, just don’t burp afterwards, unless you want to make enemies of all your other jurors

May Wah - chicken leg rice with egg, go in with a 10 and leave with change, where else can you say that?

Mei Lai Wah - skip any of the buns with roast pork (too fatty and salty), instead opt for a chicken bun, and an order salted egg yolk buns (3 to an order).

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Tbh if I were in your place I’d do a Viet food survey of the multiple places on that stretch, bec it’s the only thing I never prioritize otherwise.

Pretty sure there are a few malaysian places sprinkled about within a block or two as well.

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Uncle Lou for sure
Frenchette Bakery in the old Arcade space
There’s a new good looking Creole, Filé Gumbo Bar
Scarr’s for pizza if not too obvious
Thai Diner for egg sandwich and anything else on the menu


good idea! we used to walk up from fidi for lunch and hit some of these but one of ny colleagues used to choose the same 2-3 places.

wow, didnt realize frenchette bakery was in the arcade space! seems like thats pre-jury duty must stop sprinkled in with some egg amd portugese tarts from tai pan.

i’m starting to line up excuses for my next doctors visit :rofl:

the consensus from the ho dinner (which i missed) seemed to be uncle lous was about on the same level as wus, i guess u disagree?

Dim Sum Go Go is right there. We had an excellent lunch there last year.

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Dont know as I’ve never been to Wu’s I dont think.

Had to remind myself