Mango salad from Emily Nunn "Department of Salad"-"A Ripe Mango Is Worth a Thousand Words"

Looks like this, and from the picture, it seems like just what I need and I may have all the ingredients ( ripe mango, mint or maybe basil, red onion or shallots, cucumber , cherry tomatoes?) , but I can’t see the recipe without subscribing. If I used a resource several times, I don’t mind paying, but I’m not ready to do that yet. Anyone have any ideas or sources for a similar, especially the nuoc-cham-dousing?

Maybe something like this.


I think there may have been pickled red onions or shallots, so I made some based on this.

The second picture is some nuoc cham I made using the Hungry Huy recipe,
with garlic and serranos. . Pretty zesty.

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Hoping this is close!


Oops! Added the tomatoes later.

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Even if not the same, your salad looks delicious. When I saw it on the pork tenderloin post I immediately craved it.

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Thank you!

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