Man, I Am So Busted!

Wondering if there are any kitchen misdeeds, purchases or related that is certain to aggravate your spouse or even worse?

In my case it’s buying new cookbooks, and/or kitchen stuff that we don’t really need. It’s not the money, rather it’s having a too large cookbook collection as well as a lot of kitchen related gear already.

So, as many of us possibly do, I cagily order the stuff to arrive when I know he won’t be home to intercept the packages. Thankfully he doesn’t know my Amazon or other passwords.

Well, my order arrived too fast from Amazon, so it was waiting for us when we arrived home from Hawai’i. He opened it since he strongly suspected books. It happened again today, since he worked from home. He’s in the dirty doghouse anyway, otherwise he would still be ranting. Think I need a co-conspiriter in this (or a 12 step program).

How about you guys? Or maybe you’re all kitchen :innocent: angels and I am the bad one. Maybe the worst on this whole site Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Having something arrive by mail is always worth a “joust” here, because of "where to keep it? " debates.

In my house, it seems like just cooking something I know he doesn’t like should be clandestine. He knows it dimming my cooking “light” and he’s getting better about it , and tries not to act like it’s some kind of personal insult.

Actually it seems you have answer partially the question yourself.

You need to ask yourself seriously if it is truly an addiction or you are dealing with a ranter.

Been there, with internet purchase addiction, probably during the time with a mild depression. There is this excitement when you are looking at your next item you want so much, and once you have it, you are preying your next item. Although my case is not particularly related to kitchen ware or cookbooks. If one needs to hide purchase from the partner, this is lying, it is something that needs to be fixed, bad for one’s relationship, just like any addiction.

I suggest you have a good look at your collection, things that you do not need, try to sell them or give them away. You will be surprised how many things you have bought you haven’t even look at them. And be disciplined, get yourself off from Amazon. If you want books, go to a physical book store.

If you want to buy something, delay the impulse, wait a few days, if you still want it, go ahead. Many times, I just forget totally.

Well the best, just avoid internet purchase.

I guess these aren’t what you would like to hear. But I feel much better purchasing less actually. And less time is spent on buying things but doing more useful activity.

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Husband did grumble about my buying of dinner wares. I like to have them in a complete set. But in the end, I use them, he can’t complain.

I’ve a lot of cookbooks, many actually I don’t need anymore. I should just take time to do a big cleanup at home these days. I feel so weigh down with all the clutters.

On the other hand, I’m the nagger in the house, husband is quite obsessive in buying certain stuff online as well! :grin: I’m the one receptioning all his boxes!

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

(But I hate to have to be the one to tell you that there’s …like… eleven more.)


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Cookbooks are not a problem for us. We each have a few that either have emotional attachments or referenced. JoC 5th, MtAoFC, The Boat Galley Cookbook, Firehouse Cookbook, On Food and Cooking. Beyond that we download recipes from the Internet and sort the keepers into binders.

My wife and I have had multiple discussions about the difference between a tool and a gadget. She has a drawer full of gadgets for tasks I use a knife. sigh I brought a few tools to our relationship (a slow cooker (1960s era Crock-Pot), a stick blender, a pressure cooker, a pressure canner, a food processor much easier to clean than hers, a mandolin) that she has embraced. She still comes home from time to time with some oddity like an olive pitter. That’s okay - they make her happy and I don’t point out that I pit olives faster with a bench scraper or a knife than she does with her doodad. grin

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No cookbook overloads, we also source the internet for recipes. But bowls are a different matter.
Cooking, serving, storing, pasta bowls, dough bowls, salad bowls.
We both are guilty of a little over shopping. And of enabling each other.
(I do however send my shoe orders to the office instead of home :roll_eyes:)


It’s interesting that in most of these “discussions”., space is really the issue. I recognize this because it is the same here…

@naf - as to giving my cookbooks away, pas possible!! I practically tuck them in at night mon dieu!

Also, I take your point about being deceitful with the partner - but I feel no guilt about it. (Undoubtedly this makes me a sociopath).

I tend to do my internet shopping when I’m having insomnia & get bored with everything else. Oui to buying stuff when feeling down too, it increases your endorphins! Makes me happy! In fact I found a new shopping website last night, and I will no doubt place an order. I was unable to do much shopping in Hawaii to give my friends little gifts, so I need to order that kind of stuff from this place, including food gifts lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: