Making roux

Agreed. I actually find the black roux a little too much personally.

A down home New Orleans cook told me years ago that she browned the flour in the oven first. I see no mention of that here.


I tried that once but the roux ended up with a gritty texture (like a superfine grit, though). But that may have been my fault. I’d seen it on a show like Cook’s Country but wasn’t paying enough attention and just sort of half-arsed it.

Edit - or maybe it was ATK (same guys, right?).

I probably didn’t stir it often enough. I like the idea here and glad you brought it up - especially the comment they make that you can do up a bunch in advance and use it over the next 6 months or so.

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Microwave is one way that works fast use a Pyrex mug thing pay attention !

Also making it in a pan with the trinity together can get some good color and flavor that works for some things I like

I agree with folks here darker the better for gumbo. Left over holiday duck fat ?

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