Making jam in a tin lined copper pot

Question. A lot of jam is made in unlined copper pots, but can I use my tin lined copper to achieve the same results? Thanks

I’ve used all sorts of pots to make jam. I think tin-lined copper would be fine.

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I think you’ll be OK. The thing about jams is that, sooner or later, you will scorch some. When you do, the temperature at and under the scorch will jump past the 220F ideal and into the range where tin can smear or blister. One reason it scorches so easily at the end is that you’re driving all the water out. Without water, there isn’t self-regulation of temperature, and hot spots can develop fast, even in thick copper.

I would use a diffuser plate and stay totally focused on stirring.


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Thanks for the help not really big on sweets but sometimes just go to have them.

i just made coconut jam in my tin lined windsor copper pot a few days ago. It is 2.0 mm copper recently retined by East Coast tinning. I brought a can of coconut milk with panochia ( organic brown raw sugar) to a boil, then turn it to the lowest simmer I can with my vulcan range. I used my japanese made 8" chasen bamboo stirrer, was very nervous about this and practically stayed near the stove for an hour. I did not have any molasses but what turned out was very good. My tin lined copper was not damaged. Kaleo may be right. Next time, I will not attempt to do so as I do not want to damage the tin when the water evaporates

. Here is a picture of the jam after having used it with english muffin for the past few days. It is yummy! I JUST READ KALEO’S REMARK TODAY, THANKS KALEO . WILL NOT ATTEMPT IT AGAIN AS I DO NOT WANT TO RISK IT.

See my comment posted today

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