Make Star Chef Vivian Howard’s Crave-Worthy Meatloaf


This amused me enough that I thought I’d share.
How nice for Viv she didn’t grow with meatloaf once a week forever and aims to tell us about it. :slight_smile:


That recipe doesn’t appeal to me at all. I keep saying I’ll try Ina’s meatloaf one of these days.


I always assumed everyone knew how to make meatloaf just by osmosis.
That one looks good but almost too foo foo :slight_smile:

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Oh good lord, that article is just plain silly! Firstly, the awful photo of the bespoke meatloaf doesn’t help her “revolutionary” idea of recreating the wheel, when it comes to what can be a beloved or detested American classic.

Also, her insistence that everyone makes the same bland meatloaf, until she has the stroke of genius to “elevate” it! Sheesh, like potato salad, there are probably as many delicious meat loaf variations, as there are cooks!

Typically I like VH’s sensibilities about food, but I’m hoping her writing doesn’t continue in that vein throughout her new or old book. I have both, but will confess, I haven’t perused either one. Bad, I know.

Thanks for posting @bbqboy, it will give me a laugh throughout the day.
Oh wait - maybe she’s talking about OREGON meatloaf, in which case, I take it all back! :upside_down_face::grin:


Love Ina @Miss_belle - never had a failure with her recipes.

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We put pot in our meatloaf.
While we drink our wine :wine_glass:

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…or maybe we smoke our pot while we put the wine in our meatloaf!
I, uh…forget :slight_smile:


Oh yes, it could be either @bbqboy! Don’t forget the nut butter, and please tell me it’s garnished with sprouts…:joy:

I’m ready for a dose of Oregon, or anywhere, for that matter!


If they couldn’t find a food stylist who would at least make that meatloaf look appealing it makes me wonder about the rest of it.


It does make one wonder @Jolly…yet by all accounts, she’s a great chef, and people seem to like her recipes, generally. I like the fact she’s shining a culinary light on a previously under-recognized regional American cuisine.

Yes, pretty bad photo representation of a meatloaf, and maybe a poor choice on the part of the food writer on that piece, and subject.

I’ll post outcomes on an appropriate thread, when I cook out of her two books in the near future.

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What regional cuisine is underrepresented?
We’ve had southern cuisine shoved at us for years.

@bbqboy, you talk about southern food like it’s a bad thing! My meaning was that specifically, if you will, the foodways of North Carolina, and including parts of the Appalachia region, haven’t really been a strong focus of cookbook writers, or chefs even; yet that area has a wonderfully long growing season, an abundance of many crops, game and seafood, in places. And then you have the regions within regions, including different styles of bbq. This has been changing with the likes of Sean Brock, and others, which I applaud.

That said, I’d welcome a thorough exploration of other places in the US, as well as globally. Seems like a lot of places are well covered, while others are not. Of course there are places that are more or less interesting or diverse than others.

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What do folks have to say about Vivian Howard’s new cookbook “This Will Make It Taste Good”? I bought Deep Run Roots but rarely look at it mostly because the recipes are complicated and many use ingredients I would be challenged to find where I live.


Pretty positive so far @Midlife; will post more later, once I give it a more thorough look. Maybe others will add their thoughts meanwhile.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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