Make ahead Scotch eggs

next time, spray them with the spray oil of your choice-- the oil on the surface makes them brown up and crisp nicely.

Good idea, will do. I plan to make them again next week.

The sulfur in the white reacts with iron in the yolk to form iron sulfide, and heat promotes the reaction that the discoloration indicates. Immersing the cooked egg in cold water slows the meeting between sulfur and iron.

That reminds me I should make them. Mine are usually browner - it could be the variety of sausage. I try to cook them enough to brown but only just because the sausage is prone to cracking.

Try this. make them fully but just barely cook the sausage through. Store them in your fridge up to four days. Take them out and leave them covered on the counter until they get to room temperature. Then finish the egg not in oil but on a slightly warm metal pan using a kitchen torch to crisp up and finish the sausage while barely warming the egg.

Ah. The science of cooking. Love it.

I’m sure there’s a good reason why this won’t work… BUT… (:joy:)

Could you undercook the eggs when you boil them (cooked white runny yolk), then fully cook the wrapped scotch eggs, so that when you reheat (in a hot oven), the center of the eggs gets to the right temperature/texture rather than green ring / overcooked?

Actually, I tried my suggestion and it worked perfectly. Warm runny yolk, perfectly cooked sausage, smooth firm yet creamy whites. Try it yourself and see. I got this. :grin:

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