MAHARASHTRIAN - Winter 2023 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter

I was going to ask if sprouting them made a difference in digestibility! Definitely filing this recipe for down the road.

You can get samosa patti at Indian stores. But yes, wonton wrappers over phyllo.

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Oh for sure sprouting helps.

(There’s a spectrum of easy vs hard to digest – moong the easiest, channa and black urad the hardest, these are right of center ime.)

You can sub baby lima beans for these – that’s what I usually do at home (the frozen ones were available at WF).

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I really like using Spring Roll Wrappers to wrap my Samosas, I actually like it better than the traditional Dough.


wow, I had a memorable dish of sprouted mung beans in a gujarati place in London 40 years ago that was really outstanding. When I got more knowlegeable (and after more cooking resources became available I tried to make one such dish, maybe with moth rather than mung beans, but it was sort of stodgy and not the fresh dish I remembered. Perhaps I should give some of the usal dishes a try. thanks for the reminder.

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It’s World (!) Vada Pav Day today :rofl:

We missed the memo, so will be making some tomorrow, because it must be celebrated!

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THALIPEETH (spiced flatbreads)

This is a pretty stock Maharashtrian dish, but relatively new to me first time I ate it was last year when my uncle served it as a tea snack when we visited. It’s been on my mind ever since.

I ordered a ready flour blend for my first attempt: rice, jowar (sorghum), bajri (pearl millet), urad dal (black gram), and channa dal (Bengal gram).

Added to that powdered spices (cumin, coriander, chilli, turmeric), ginger paste, minced onions, minced green chillies, and cilantro. My uncle had grated vegetables and peas in there too, but I went simple for my first try.

What’s different / unique about this flatbread is that it’s patted / pressed out rather than rolled. It’s an acquired skill to get the thickness right and then transfer to the pan without breakage. (I made them tiny as a cheat, but apparently a hole - or a few - can be made while pressing out to aid the transfer - and cooking - too.)

Tasty outcome for a first try, and there will definitely be more to come.

Here’s a recipe that’s pretty similar to what I did.


A very good Mahrati Friend made these for me.
I know that ones she made had Cucumber in them along with other Veg. They had a nice soft, moist Texture that lasted quite a while.
She said that her Family would often make these to take on Outings since they are easy to eat, stay soft and are filling and nutritious. Oh and delicious!

Circling back here for this morning’s Christmas breakfast for one, while BF is with family and I await my mother. I made Maunika Gowardhan’s Maharashtrian Spiced Egg Curry (Andyacha Rassa).

I had some failed soft boiled eggs from a day ago, so I saved them as this calls for hard cooked eggs. I roughly halved the rest of the ingredients to serve one. I did use more tamarind concentrate than she called for (I know strengths vary). Not having padpad at hand, I added some potato sticks for a crunchy element. This was a very nice start to my day (before our later dinner of giant bone-in ribe eyes!)!
I hope you all are having a wonderful day :christmas_tree:


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Here you go:

Thank you for the response. It’s specied as out of stock on their website.

Oh. Bummer. Hope you find it!

Sure, Thank you

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