Magnificent North Chinese and Noodles in Newton, MA

Went with Mrs_Jimbob and Jimbob_Daughters for dinner after an event in Newton. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall stand, easy to miss on a side street in Newton Center. House of Noodle is a sister restaurant to XiAn RouGaMo in Downtown Crossing, offering a menu focused on the cuisine of XiAn, ShaanXi, but broadening to several noodle styles and other regions of China, giving it a scope similar to Home Taste. Seating is barstools and cramped, so probably best for takeout, but this place can execute many dishes at an extraordinary level.

My notes:

Hand pulled Biang biang noodle with spicy cumin beef (孜然牛肉干扯面), the traditional Xi’An style super-rustic hand-pulled noodle, chewy and thick and served up in a tasty sauce of slightly spicy cumin inflected beef, and a range of vegetables. Gene’s does better quality noodles, but they only have one or two sauces, and this one was filled with layers of depth of flavor.

Wonton In Spicy Sauce (红油抄手) is a humdrum dumpling, served up in one of the best red-oil sauces that I have had in the Boston area in a while. The sauce is thickened with sesame paste, layered with bean sprouts and SiChuan pepper, and made a spectacular dipping sauce for scallion pancakes and potstickers.

Stir Fried Thick Noodles (炒乌龙面), in this case with beef, offer chewy ShangHai-style udon-type noodles in a soy based sauce, accented by Thai basil and red onion.

Drunken Noodles (辣河粉) are distinct from Thai style Pad See Ew (炒河粉). Both are chow foon style noodles, the drunken style a little spicier, the Pad See Ew not so much. This sauce was also laced with Thai basil, and a completely different, tasty flavor profile from the udon noodles and biang biang noodles.

Shredded Potatoes Rougamo (土豆丝夹馍) is an interesting variation on the Xi’An style “burger” (RouJiaMo 絲莢膜). A super-flaky “bun” has a savory filling, in this case with potato slivers, possibly also slivers of turnip/radish and carrot. Compared with the riot of flavors in the other dishes, this came off a bit bland. One of the meat filled Rougamo might fit this meal better.

Popcorn Chicken (盐酥鸡) are this version of fried chicken nuggets, in this case in a fairly thick breading flavored with Chinese five spice. These disappeared, though I might favor the more delicate breading that you find in TaiWanese style fried chicken.

Mount Qi minced pork noodle soup (岐山臊子面) is every bit as good as the version at Xi’An RouGaMo, a spicy broth with thick udon noodles, pork strips, and a range of central Chinese root vegetables and wood ear mushrooms, packed with flavor, and one of my favorite things.

Disappointments: the Beef Teriyaki Bowl (铁板牛肉盖饭) and Pork Soup Dumpling (灌汤小笼包), neither one particularly inspired in flavor or complexity. But we ate way more than planned, got another takeout order on top, and I’m looking forward to going back for another takeout run.


Wow! Thank you so much for this review! Sounds like a great addition to Boston area food options!


Thanks for the report!

For easier searching later, House of Noodles Newton is aka Star Foods, and is sibling to Shine’s in Belmont (a favorite of mine). I wonder if any of them will be open Xmas Day (still miss Fu Loon Malden for that service as well as their food).


Same parentage/ownership?

Pretty sure that’s the case, but with multiple restaurant names it’s a more than a little confusing.

A little searching found Shine’s Belmont listed on GNS“姑娘手”(Xi’An Rougamo/BiangBiang Noodles)", as is the DTX XiAn RouGaMo mentoned above, but not Newton Star Foods-House of Noodles. However, they appear on toasttab as “shine-gourmet-new-location-19-pelham-street” and other folks have noted the menu similarities so I do think they’re all related.

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My daughter likes the ma jiang lian-pi, which are wide but thinner (than biang biang) noodles, with sesame sauce, fried tofu squares, cucumber, and bean sprouts. Great for warmer weather because it’s a cool dish, also not spicy, so a nice contrast. The Szechuan dan dan noodles were also terrific with nicely chewy thinner noodles, a little spicier than the dishes above. My wife got the hot pepper jar rice noodles but preferred the Mount Qi minced pork noodle soup, which we both love but take a long time to eat because it comes out SO hot, temperature-wise.

We sit in, since I believe that the noodle texture is best when eaten promptly, like with the Mount Qi noodles at the start compared with the end of the bowl.


Yes, I posted from an All Over Newton post here: Newton Center Restaurants Newton, MA - #127 by youngho

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I rather doubt House of Noodle will be open on XMas Day since they don’t open on Mondays anymore.

They are all sister restaurants from the same operation. I hadn’t realized the Belmont branch is right around the corner from my dentist’s office! I know where I’m grabbing dinner, next time I’m getting a dental check-up!

It is weird that all three of these spots have completely different names - the Dumpling conglomerate (Dumpling Cafe, Dumpling House, Dumpling Palace, etc) makes it obvious which places are related/sister restaurants.

Unfortunately, it looks like House of Noodles and Shine are both closed on Christmas Day.