Madeleine Cooks

I had the vivid green pureed fresh pea soup at Madeleine Kamman’s restaurant over 30 years ago but still remember it. Last week I spotted a copy of Madeleine Cooks; it was new despite being printed in 1986 - this was Ocean State Job Lot so I assume it was in some warehouse all this time. For $3.50, I violated my pledge not to buy more cookbooks. Alas, the pea soup recipe isn’t included.

  1. Does anyone have this recipe?
  2. If you’ve used this cookbook, are there any of its recipes that you particularly recommend?


Is it this one?

Merci beaucoups! It may very well be, though I had the soup 20 years before that particular cookbook came out. I’ve bookmarked the recipe and will try it.

I don’t have the recipe for you . But wanted to thank you of reminding me of Madeleine Kamman . I always loved her program Madeleine Cooks . I haven’t seen her program on TV for quite some time . She used to be on PBS . I found her shows on You Tube . What a delight . Thanks for mentioning Madeleine Cooks /

I know a local chef who trained under MK; while it was a valuable culinary education, MK was known for being very demanding. Her students and staff were under a lot of pressure.

I have had some tough bosses in the trade . It made me better at what I do .

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo