Machaca con Huevos

If you love Mexican food I’m you’ve tried this at least once in your life. When living in So. Cal it was one of my favorite breakfasts, usually from one of the “so-so” California chains like Red Onion, El Torito, or Casa Escobar.

It wasn’t until the final episode of Top Chef season 19 that I remembered how much I love this stuff.

But does the typical middle of the road Mexican chain actually use carne seca (dried beef) for this dish? I ask 'cause what I remember getting looked different from dishes I have seen using carne seca (longer, and more juicy, kinda like finely shredded carnitas).

So do any of you know of another way to prepare this finely shredded beef for this dish?

And if not, do you have a favorite brand for machaca/carne seca (hopefully available online)?