Lunch in Sacramento?

Will be in Sacramento on Friday around lunch time. I’m thinking of:

Solomon’s for Jewish deli food.

Journey to the Dumpling for what else? !:

We saw JTTD on Lisa Ling’s Take Out, and it looked wonderful. On the other hand, Jewish deli food is hard to find in our neck of the woods - north of San Francisco.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Unfortunately we only have room for one lunch!


Hmm, Sacramento is kind of big.

What part of town will you be in?

We’re just going on a field trip to have lunch!


Does the dumpling place sell frozen dumplings?

It doesn’t look like it from the menu, but I would give them a call.

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Wow, where do you live? Merced? :wink:

I trust you’ve seen this thread.


We live in Marin, but cabin fever has set in, hence the need for a lunch field trip!


Yes, thanks.

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My vote is to bring an ice chest: get a sandwich plus stuff to go from the deli and then a second stop for a few dumplings, plus a purchase of frozen ones if they’re available.

Deli Take Home offerings:



Interesting possibility - thanks!


6 pack of empanadas for me.
I’m intrigued by the jam jar, whatever it is.

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I would recommend Juno’s if you’re looking for a good (and I mean a good) sandwich spot.

And if you go, grab a loaf of their housemade sourdough to take home.

Well, I think we’ll file this field trip in the “it seemed like a good idea at the time” folder. Missed the turn off in Sacramento and ended up going quite a ways in the wrong direction. There was lots of traffic. Had a mini-meltdown in the car. Finally found Journey to the Dumpling in a shopping center with lots of Asian restaurants, and got to watch the local high schoolers on their lunch promenade which was entertaining. The food was okay but not great. We had siu mai which were excellent, pan fried pork buns (the filling was good but the wrappers were tough), and new-to-us beef rolls which fell apart the minute you touched them. Flavors were good though. Prices seemed on the higher side. Drove back to Marin in a tired silence. Onward and upward!


Oh well. Glad you reported back! How did you get there? I assume it involved the 80 . Then what?

We went up 80 and then missed the turn for 99 South. We took 99 North instead and ended up in Roseville!


I know the exit you’re talking about :cat:

You were right by Denio’s, one of my favorite flea markets!


Marin? I lived on Mt Tam (Mill Valley and Tiburon) for many years. You are in a beautiful county. But anywhere near the shoreline in Northern California is gorgeous.

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