Lunch in Davis, CA?

Going to the new UCD art museum tomorrow and could use some lunch recommendations. We eat pretty much everything, but one of us favors burgers…Thanks!

Some possibilities:

Sam’s Mediterranean

Dot Island Grill

Burgers and Brew

Taqueria Davis


I used to work in Davis. Village Grill is good:

For a while Hunan Bar & Restaurant had a special Sichuan menu that was very good, not sure if they still do

Sam’s is pretty good and quick. Another option down the street is Ali Baba, which has various middle eastern grilled items, a really good burger ( my personal favorite is the mushroom burger), and one Persian special every day – – on weekends it’s Fesenjoon, a chicken, Walnut, and pomegranate juice stew. I’ve not been to either in these places in a decade, so I don’t know if the quality has changed (Yelp pics look the same). closes early in the afternoon, and would be a good option for an Austrian pastry upon arrival and Davis.

Davis has become a hotbed of Chinese food.

Village pizza grill is best for salads and sandwiches ( I think I ate their BLT based on a tip from @geo12the ) – I didn’t think their pizza was very special, and in fact I prefer their sliced style pizza at their location next to the train station, Village bakery

Another options would be to get picnic supplies at the Davis food co-op, which is pretty impressive.