Lunch 2024

Imperfectly fried egg over pea shoots sauteed with smoked saury.

And lo, I am done with the pea shoots and the smoked saury. Ready for you, ramps and asparagus and flounder roe!


Finally got to eat some Mediterranean food! My sister and I went to Chickpeas Mediterranean Restaurant here in Las Vegas. They have both a regular menu and a buffet. There wasn’t much of a price difference between the two, so both of us had the buffet. As seen on this plate…
hummus, baba ganoush, tzatziki, spanakopita, tabbouleh, tandoori chicken (India is Mediterranean?), gyro meat, chicken kabob, lamb kabob, meatballs, basmati rice, falafel and dolma. Not pictured, pita bread, multiple marinated vegetable salads and desserts.

I didn’t take seconds of anything and left feeling satiated, but not full or even stuffed.

The only true “miss” of what I ate was the spanakopita which had a soggy bottom. The dolma was overly spicy. I’ve eaten dozens if not hundreds of dolma/sarma but have never had one which was spicy hot. The heat was tolerable, but not good enough to eat more than 2 (they were only filled with rice, no meat).

I’m happy I went, but not sure I’d go back again. And as I normally skip lunch, today’s skipped meal will be dinner as I’m not going to be able to eat another meal today.

Before going here, my sister and I went to Trader Joe’s (I bought canned stuffed grape leaves and canned Greek-style caponata there) and Winco, an interesting warehouse-style supermarket that I used to go to when I lived in Oregon. I enjoyed both (especially Winco as it is unique) but is almost always the case, I prefer to go shopping alone.

I told the cashier at Trader Joe’s about my having just come back from Japan after being gone for 15 years and how I missed Trader Joe’s more than any other store in the US. I also told her how popular Trader Joe’s vinyl shopping bags were in Japan on auction sites and as souvenirs and she gave my sister and I two for free. I never expected such kind service and that’s something that would be very rare to happen in Japan.


Today’s lunch was a Finnish salmon chowder inspired by a soup @MunchkinRedux posted awhile ago. The only step I skipped was removing the skin from the fish to make a fish broth since I don’t have a fillet knife so I had to settle with plain old water. The soup ws still VERY good and I look forward to taking it for lunch this week so I can smell up the lunch room and make everyone jealous :grin:


I absolutely ADORE lohikeitto, and am equally happy that @MunchkinRedux introduced me/us to it.

You can get canned fish or seafood stock next time you make it. Don’t know if this brand is available in Canada, but it works well.


The credit should go to @AD1 . I saw a reference to the soup in one of their posts last year. A wonderful soup!


I made some egg-fried rice with a bit of last night’s rice & my two remaining eggses. Plopped last night’s shrimp stir-fry next to it.

A much ‘heavier’ lunch than I’m accustomed to, but delish nonetheless :yum:


Relatively inexpensive chanterelles were back in the market, and then back in my Sunday omelet, with havarti.


Yes we can get the Bar Harbor soups pretty well everywhere here. I will give it a try.

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I love chanterelles and am ready for the season!

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Best dang chicken shawarma in town!
Underneath that pile of chicken, tahini and hot sauce, is another pile of rice and lentils with caramelized onions. Sides of humus /salad/tabbouleh/ pickled stuff and pita bread. $16 and it’s enough for 2 delicious meals.


Chicken salad in toasted buns, escarole salad vinaigrette and pistachio, cardamom cake.


I was just about to ask whether you finished all that! We’re lucky to have a very good halal cart in town that I peruse far too rarely. Thx for the nudge!

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Met up with a friend who moved to CA many moons ago - last time we saw each other was in SF while visiting @mariacarmen in 2015 :scream:

We shared steamed chicken dumplings (clearly store-bought, but fine),

and the crispy duck roll, a favorite menu item I recalled from when I went with a bunch of friends when they first opened.


I could have easily finished it, but cooler head prevailed. Dinner tonight cause I’m lazy :slight_smile:

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Fettuccine with Rao’s marinara again. Semolina pasta this time rather than a mix of semolina and AP, I think it has a little more bite.


OMG the pasta king strikes again! :yum: :heart_eyes:

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Rotisserie chicken, bathed in St Hubert BBQ chicken sauce on a toasted Portuguese bun, side O’ BBQ chips. This was a really tasty sammich if I do say so myself. :yum:


Followed by the sammich king… :eyes:

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Meat tortellini in brodo, peas, basil, basil oil and Parmesan. Perfect for a rainy , blustery day.


This is the most basic bitch version of many a bachelorette dinners/late night snacks I enjoyed back in the day - more ‘elaborate’ versions might include thinly sliced onion and/or sliced tomato, perhaps a sprinkle of oregano, but always hot paprika or cayenne: the German* version of a grilled cheese, if you will. This is Aldi’s pane turano topped with a melange of the last crumbled up slices of Wegmans’ sharp American & crumbled up slices of havarti, bc Wegmans slices their pre-packed deli cheeses stupid thin :roll_eyes: I shprinkled some of TJ’s smoky spicy chili powder on it.

*Most German sandwiches are open-faced, and therefore likely don’t qualify to be called a sandwich here in the good ole USofA, but ask me if I care.